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10-22-2004 04:21 PM  13 years agoPost 41



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How could the term Blightly be even remotely considered racist?
I never said it was, I said the phrase was racist, implying that all the trolling is done by brits...

You cant even understand the grammar of what you have written...

You were giving him a hard time long before the "gyroless" flights, and taking the mickey out of some english coloquialisms...

Just face it, you are bang out of order and a complete troll on this thread...
and you soon see he ain't Dsylexic
No maybe not and you arent either so whats your excuse?
and you'll soon see he isn't dyslexic
is what I think you meant, but did the posters after you jump down your neck for your poor english????

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How the hell did you manage to fly her with CSM 200 working in the wrong direction,..

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10-25-2004 06:26 PM  13 years agoPost 43


luton uk

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If you call that flying it
off the ground it went and around and around it went

was able to slow the piroet down with full stick in the opersite directon but not stop it.

then smack it down on the rotor pod
mirical was not a scratch from it

the guy offered at the shop to check it over my raptor when I had finshed building it.

so after it was done I had him check it said the onyy thing i haddent rechecked yet was the gyro

he checked it and said yes that fine and working right.

so off i go to fly it for the first time and he was wroung the gyro was reviresed
so thats how it endend up in the air with working in the wrougn sence

form now on I only rely on one person

ps there pics of the TX in bits in my gallery now for those who dident belive me

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