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i did a test engine run, cos my tt39 has been sitting there for a few months. the fuel burned slowly, so i guessed it was after about 20mins that i decided to stop because it was getting way too boring... after the test, i noticed that my tx module was considerably hotter than the rest of the tx. its not warm, its hot. is this normal?

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Yes and no... It is normal for the TX module to get warm. However, it is designed to take the heat.

But, here is the important question? Was your antenna all the way extended, or was it closed?

It it was fully extended, then your module should only get warm. If your antenna is down, you have no way to expel the RF waves generated by your transmitter. This will build up as heat in your TX module. In other words, you should never turn your radio on for more then a couple of minutes unless your antenna is up.

Now on the other hand, some people such as Wes have a different opinion on this subject. Below is a quote B]Wes[/B] had to say in reply to another post on this subject. As you can see, you cant always trust the info you get here. So be careful. Click here for the original post
Hughes is full of **** don't listen, it doesn't hurt the z to turn it on and use i with the antenna down. He's feeding BS, I find it odd that some people have more hours on their radios with the ant down than most people have on their radios with nooo problems...

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very important not to transmit with ant. down.. youll burn up your mod.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › is module hot after flight?
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