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06-02-2004 07:16 PM  14 years agoPost 1


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I have a raptor 50, and it's got a BRAND new OS50 in it. I was flying the other day, and there was a big pop, and the engine died. Luckily my thumb instincitvely slammed the throttle to nothing, and I was able to do an autorotation and land it safely (Which was really cool by the way, my first auto!)

Anyway, I am guessing that it just vibrated loose? Also, right after I put the new one in, the engine ran for about 5 minutes and the exhaust pipe came loose, which made the engine really loud.

What is wrong with my engine??

Also, I am having a really hard time tuning the engine, I live in Portland, Oregon, and have had a really hard time with it. I use cool power heli 30% fuel, can anyone point me in the direction of a thread the explains how to get the engine running right?


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06-02-2004 07:44 PM  14 years agoPost 2

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Well to start with your throttle curve needs to stop at about 80% throttle (unless you use a gov.) then add about 20% cyclic mix. The mixture needs to be such that it "four strokes" in hover and slow FF and only "cleans up" at higher "loads". The OS 50 can be a bit of a vibrator in stock form . Do a search on the "web mod" good luck

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OS is a great engine. Sounds like you just had a run of bad luck here. Put a new plug in it and tighten it down. Be sure the copper washer is under the plug. Next get some permatex red high heat gasket goop from any auto parts store. Fill the threaded hole on the muffler and screw the screws into it as tight as you can get them without stripping them, when the permatex hardens up it will not let the screws vibrate loose. If the muffler you are using is a two piece then take it apart and use the goo on the two sections and the screw going through the muffler, put some on the threads where the nut attaches to the bolt and to the head of the bolt where it goes through the muffler sections and this will seal things up and keep them in place until you decide to take them apart. This is a simple fix to the loose mufler problems. Next Set your needle valves on the OS 50 to the MFG. recommended setting for break-in and have another go at it. KEEP IT RICH during the first 6 tanks and keep the flight times low with frequent landings and lots of cool down in between flights for the first 6 tanks.

Hope this helps.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterThunder TigerOther › Glow plug BLEW OUT! OS50 problems
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