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NY--->>Mooresville, NC USA 8/2005

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I put my clutch in a small oven and managed to remove the screwed on clutch disk. How hot should the oven temp be to fully loosen loctite?

The upper pinion clutch bell bearing came out of the bearing block but the large bearing is still attached to the upper pinion and isn't budging! How hot does the oven need to be to loosen the "red?" loctite???

It would be nice to service these myself.



06-02-2004 02:44 AM  14 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Crofton Maryland

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I use a small toaster oven and set for 350 for 15 minutes. Most things come apart after this long but if not then another 10 minutes is ok. I use very thick mits and with large pieces I can feel the heat through the mits, like the engine block. Once I couldn't get the inner bearing out of the upper clutch 3 bearing block and had to hit it out. Damaged the bearing but it was out. Try to support the bearing inner race if you have a shaft that will not come out. Pressing a bearing out is preferred to hitting it as the press might not damage the bearing. I don't know the temps that blue and red loctite loosen but with blue and hot parts there is still a lot of friction. Pressing out the bearing is the only way to save it in this case.

Good luck.


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Metro Detroit, Michigan

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Fury Clutch Stack
I just took mine apart over the holiday weekend. The bearing (120-21)in the clutch driver block (120-23) was bad. It took me a while to figure out how the thing came apart. I bought a new unit first in case I screwed this one up. I figure I'd have a backup for the next time mine goes bad.

I used a propane torch and heated the areas I needed to remove or unscrew. I was very carefull not to get it real hot. I just kept applying heat a little at a time until things loosened up. I positioned it in a vise and tapped on the top of the starter shaft to get the pressed on parts to come off.

The bearing in the clutch bell did not come off with the bell. It stayed on the shaft just above the clutch. As I unscrewed the clutch, it was forced up the shaft and finally broke free. But I think I heated that bearing to much and I plan to replace it. I had a hard time trying to move it away from the clutch, even with heat. Only unscrewing the clutch enabled me to finally remove it.

Also, I still don't see what the allen set screws in the bottom driver pin part do. I assume the starter shaft screws into it and the set screws lock it down. But I don't see why, since I can't seem to find the MA part number for just the shaft.


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rrKey Veteran

Woodinville, WA

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Go to Rick's Plans section.

He has a breakdown of the clutch stack with part numbers.


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