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Hereford Maryland 20 mi north of Baltimore

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I have a R30V2 OS32 GY401 trainer with about 70 hours on it. The hours have been tough ones, lots of on or near the ground, lots of hovering, a few minor tip-over type incidents.

The other night I had a traumatic sudden crash, after practicing some low figure eights. It was like one minute all is fine, then WHOOMP, heli in the ground. I still don't know if it was dumb thumbs, or something let go. I suspect the rod for the tail mounted servo might have come off.

So there were enough parts broken that I decided to do a complete teardown and inspection. During his I found a few things that were wrong. - like the bearing on the top of the pinion had gotten loose.

Anyway, I'm wondering about wear limits and what should I routinely replace while it's apart.

I plan to get a new clutch and pinion.

1. Regarding the various ends and ball connections. How loose is too loose? On a few the rod will fall of its own accord. Should I just replace all the rod ends and balls? What's a good test for knowing when to replace them.

2 Regarding bearings, I do now have a greaser, and plan to lubricate as many bearings as I can get to. Should I just plan to replace the starter shaft and main bearings anyway, or can they be lubricated and returned to service - assuming they are not 'notchy'.

3 What other parts does one routinely replace when the Heli is completely apart?

4. Any other suggested items to do when building it up again?

The point being, theres a lot of labor to assemble one of these from scratch, it seems foolish not to replace a $5.00 part if in just a short while I'd have to tear it down again to replace what I could have done the first time. Sort of a penny wise and pound foolish situation if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your input,


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rrElite Veteran


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The guy on has around 1700 flights on his Raptor, check out his maintenence log, lots of good info here!!

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rrElite Veteran

Port Saint Luice Florida....

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That pinion bearing is the single highest maintenance item on the raptor. yours should be replace and greased regularly (3-5 gal) The rest is "good to go"

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