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I have a hornet I fixed pitch, whit a 7 cell 730 mAh, ni-MH size AAA the total weight (whit training gear) is about 320 - 340gr.
Is to much for liftoff??
What is the tipical weight of a hornet fp whitout battery?
Thanks and I'm sorry for my bad english.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

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Mine weights 220 grams without battery, but I have the extra weight from a Futaba GY240 gyro. If I didn't have the GY240 gyro on it, the weight would be under 200 grams. With the battery, mine weights 298 grams. I don't think yours with that weight will be too much for lift off? You might want to try a li-Ion or LiPo battery. Mabey a battery with 1500 mAh, it will have more then enough power to lift off and fly for a longer time then your 7 cell 730 mAh battery.

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Cheers, Patrick

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Warminster in Wiltshire, UK

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My hornet 1 FP can just about lift off on a freshly charged 7 cell 750mah battery pack at 350g, I use 3 hs50's and a GY401 and my all up weight is 292g ready to fly, I reduced my weight by unsoldering all the wiring and connectors from everything, i repaced it all with mouse wire and saved 22grammes,

I do prefer to fly my 8 cell battery packs though as they have more punch

Also, If you are using the standard MS charger, you might want to find someone near you that has got a supernova or other decent charger as there was a problem with the MS charger not charging the batteries properly and it made it impossible to lift off,

There have also been cases of duff motors too, but this was less common

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