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05-31-2004 07:56 AM  14 years agoPost 1


Bay Village, Ohio

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I am trying to help my brother setup his new freya 60 and have some questions:

freya with os 60wc
Mavrick pro 680mm blades ( I know they are not very good but are tracking good )
+- 10 mechanical pitch
hatori muffler ( I think )

question is:

When the chopper is on a run up stand we got the engine tuned using needle settings from RR and a optical tach - a click leaner on the high end lowers the head speed and then I richened it 2 clicks.- normal mode set to 1550, and runs great, however when trying to set ID1 to 1650 and ID2 to 1750 the engine will not sustain the head speed. with throttle ( curve is linear 100 nad 100 ) the only way to keep 1650 rpm is to lower the pitch to +8 degrees, and all the way down to 6 deg to maintain 1750.

The engine does not seem to be running lean - finger test on back plate is good and temp always reads under 200 degrees F. Additionally the engine sounds very strong and a good amount of smoke. The engine was tuned in normal mode - ie 1550 head speed.

Does the freya with os 60 need shorter blades? What else could be wrong?


05-31-2004 08:16 AM  14 years agoPost 2


Borlänge, Sweden

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I know that the 60kit comes with 660woodies. Might be to long blades for the OS61. Pls keep in mind that Freya has a quite wide bolt to bolt distance (between the bladeholder bolts that is) which make the rotor disc larger than it first might appear when using 680 and not 700 or 710´s like on the Furys etc.

Havent used a 60 engine so I cant really tell, sorry.

'Hm now I just have to find out where to connect the GV1 sensor to the Jazz80 ESC.

05-31-2004 08:27 AM  14 years agoPost 3


Northamptonshire UK

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If your sure the engine is tuned right and every thing else is ok, then if its happy at 8 degrees then so be it. Nout else to do !!

Try giving it a good climb out etc, if its not bogging down then try adding a little more pitch, if it is bogging down and the engine is trying to hang on the muffler when you come in then it would sound like the engine is not tunned correctly(lean) as less than 8 degs dont sound right at all. Depending on blade size etc normally you should be able to get to around 9 degrees.


06-01-2004 09:14 AM  14 years agoPost 4


Sacramento, CA

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Try some 660's.

The stock woods should be fine, else... BBT/Evolution & SAB make 660's. NHP used to make 'em not sure if they have them anymore tho.

As an aside... I've flown the Mavrikk PRO's, albeit only 600mm's on a Raptor 50v2, they are a nice blade. I think the Mavrikk PRO 680's may be an okay blade to use on a Freya, (with an 80 or a 91).


Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

06-01-2004 10:06 AM  14 years agoPost 5



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Just fly it with +-10.
ive always used 680 blades with the 61WC in the Freya, and never tachec it in a full collective climbout - because i never felt the need.
try it in flight and tell us how it goes, the results might be better in flight, and i can tell you for sure that the 61WC WILL handle 680 blades great.

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