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Reno, NV

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One of my friends just bought a hornte cp. He put it togather and i inspected it for him to make sure all was correct. He has a gy240 on, controling the tail but as soon as he throttles up, the tail starts spinning very fast in a counterclockwise motion. However the tail blades are in a position where they should not be doing that. With full left rudder the heli still spins counterclockwise but is slown to about half its speed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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rrElite Veteran


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concical or tail pinion slipping?? that would be my guess.


05-02-2004 10:06 PM  14 years agoPost 3
hornet dave

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Cedar Rapids, IA USA

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I'm guessing the headspeed is too low. Try for at least 2100 rpm headspeed, but 2300 works a lot better (and 2600 is even more fun).

With the rudder servo in the neutral position, set the pushrod so that there is about 25mm between the tail rotor blades (when you fold them towards each other) if you're in the 2100-2200 rpm range. At 2500 rpm, 20 mm works pretty good as a starting point. This will get you in the ballpark, adjust as necessary so that it hovers with the servo at neutral.

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rrElite Veteran

Bay Area, California

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try reversing the gyro

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