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05-02-2004 03:48 AM  14 years agoPost 1


Albuquerque, N.M.

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Hello all,
Where can I get the best combo deal/price online? I am looking for a freya kit w/engine, muff and possibly main blades. Also are there any upgrades that are recommended from the start? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am looking to make this purchase before May 15th.


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05-02-2004 04:34 AM  14 years agoPost 2


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Try Heliproz.

You don't say what engine you're looking for, either.

I don't see a combo listed on their site roght now, but I bought mine last fall from them. It included the Freya, an OS 70SZ-H, a cheapo Mavrikk one-piece muffler, and Thunder Tiger 680 mm CF blades. I don't remember the actual price for the whole ball of wax, but I also bought a JR 8103 with three DS8231 servos, a DS 811 servo (throttle), a Futaba GY401/9254 combo. It seems that everything went for around $1200.

Beware the el-cheapo Mavrikk muffler. It works, but I recently replaced it with a Hatori SB-70. Kind of a night and day difference, the OS-70 is much happier and shows it by giving me more oomph in the air.

Upgrades for the Freya. It actually doesn't need any to fly well out of the box.

You might want to consider the push-pull collective upgrade, PN 0414-220 (about $40).

Some have suggested the third bearing block (PN 0404-618, about $24.00) and a bearing to go into that bearing block (PN 2500-049 -- $20 for two). I think this is supposed to keep you from bending the main shaft during hard 3-D stuff, although if you search this forum you'll find people who say they've been wringing out their Freyas without that upgrade and have yet to bend one.

You may someday want to add the all metal autorotation hub, PN 0414-229 ($35). I guess if you fly the pants off your heli, eventually you'll have problems with the one-way bearing, and this killer hub is supposed to cure that problem.

I've also seen here in RR that eventually replacing the plastic radius hub with the metal one (PN 0404-730, $27) would be a good upgrade.

You can also search here and find someone selling a hardware upgrade kit that gets rid of all the phillips/JIS head screws and replaces them with cap screws. This is a matter of personal preference, I believe, however.

One other popular upgrade here seems to be replacing the head dampers with these:

If you don't replace the damper rubbers right off, you still might consider these hardened cap screws for the head, instead of the button head screws supplied in the kit:

I'm flying mine without those upgrades (except I am running the SB-70 muffer now), and the Freya flies fine (so far) I suspect sometime this summer I'll spring for the push-pull collective upgrade. I've got that on my EVO 50 and it makes for one solid collective pitch setup.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterHIROBOOther › Best combo deal online
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