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05-02-2004 12:44 AM  14 years agoPost 1


Fort Meade, SD

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Can someone recomend a good book on engine tuning and where it can be purchased? Is there a book out there that is helicopter specific? Thanks in advance.

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As for a good book Ray's Authoritive Helicopter Manual is a great all rounder for the beginner and the more experienced pilot who wants to improve their setup accuracy. It can get a bit wordy and complex in some instances but I find a couple of slow read throughs helps it to click. In his book Ray talks about engine tuning, explaining why it is critical for helis and how to tell if your engine tune is working at optimum. It is a great book to have on hand for reference purposes, I have been flying helis for many years and have found it to be helpful throughout.

05-07-2004 05:43 PM  14 years agoPost 3
Al Magaloff


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My best advice is to seek out someone experienced, that can put the ear to your heli. Tuning is not only mixture screws, but also throttle linkage, throttle curve, pitch curve set-ups. Once you know what the helicopter is supposed to feel like/ sound like, you'll know when you have it right. This is what I do with the new people I help get started.

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05-07-2004 08:29 PM  14 years agoPost 4


Norfolk England

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The other alternative is just to buy youself a cheap engine, say a 15,
and a tacho.Bolt it to a test stand, fit a prop, and learn the effects of
the needles first hand.A book can only tell you so much, it can't teach you how to hear if the engine is running well or not.
As Al said, however, there are othe considerations in a heli but it would be a good starting point in my opinion.

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