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Clearwater, FL

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I have an 8uhp futaba radio. I am having a problem setting main blade pitch. The aileron left and right work properly. The elevator Forward and Aft are ok. The problem is the swashplate is moving in the wrong direction. When I give throttle up the blade pitch goes more negative. Futaba mentions something about the swashplate ARF setting might be +50 and I should change it to -50.I don't have any idea what they are talking about. This setup is on a brand new Calibor 30. If anyone could help with this problem I'd appreciate it. I have gone to Futaba's web sight I did not get much help.I also know the radio will do ccpm It was set up ccpm on an ECO 8. I really don't want to use mechanical setup.Need some help.


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Neuilly sur Seine, Fr

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Have you heard about channel reversing?
This is one thing all radio can do.
It will provide an opposite travel direction of the servo for a given stick movement.

Now, one CCPM, one channel controls multiple servos (I guess three on the caliber). So when you reverse a channel, you have to switch two other channel's servo in order to maintain proper direction in other axes.

I had the same thing on my Eolo. I would'nt be able to tell you exactly what I did I just used this channel reversing feature and played with servo location (or receiver servo plugs plug) wisely.

VT "slow&low"

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Port Orchard, Washington

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Don Edenbergs book.
First thing. Find one of his books and buy it.
Best 20.00 I have ever spent.

They are refering to the mixing for the CCPM.
I cannot explain this without my Radio in front of me (at work right now), but if you look in the Advanced menu you will find some mixes in there. One of them will show the elevator and it will be +50%. Take that to -50% and all should be well.
I will post some better instructions in a day or so when I have my Radio in front of me and can describe it exactly.

Jason Stiffey
Fly Fast....Live Slow...

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go to the normal menu on the tx and scroll threw until you find swash then use your plus and minus to find pitch or ail or ele and set them so everything works the same using a - instead of a + will reverse the throws of the servo i have everthing normal and pitch at - so it went the correct way they all work the same now the manual really sucks for the 8u but ive had mine for 3 years and got to know it well

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › 8uhp radio setting up ccpm.
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