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Southern California

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I recently installed the above combination on an Evo 50/OS 50. Outstanding governor/servo performance. Flawless installation/setup/performance...except...

I followed the instructions for programming the 9CHP for headspeeds, i.e., but found the headspeeds were about 300 rpm high.

With the assistance of an optical tach, this is what I ended up with:

8.7/1 Gear Ratio
100% ATV on Channel 3/Throttle each direction
95% ATV on Channel 7/Aux each direction (per instructions for 9CHP)
Governor settings as follows:
65% - 1550 rpm
68% - 1700 rpm
72% - 1800 rpm

My first attempt had 75% for normal, which produced 1890 rpm (should have been 1580, if I understood the headspeed computer). Had I switched to the Idle Up settings I had initially programmed without checking the head speed with a tach, it is possible that it would have come apart from an overspeed.

If someone reading this has another interpretation of the Model Avionics headspeed computer for the 9CHP, please let me know. I could have goofed on my initial settings.

Do not let this be interpreted as criticism for the Model Avionics Throttle Jockey Pro. Just a suggestion to start with slow headspeeds to avoid any problems.

I also purchased an Auto Glow from MA/Paul Beard to accompany the TJ. In a hurry to charge the Metal Hydride battery & acting with my HUA, I connected the charger to the wrong connector & watched the circuit board go up in smoke. Paul has been great & is currently repairing the unit.

The TJ/9253 is a great combination & I am hoping to install the repaired Auto Glow with similar results.

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white chocolate

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Baltimore, Md.

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I can tell you from experience. Dont bother with the calculations for the 9c. Just tach the different settings you want. Thats the easiest way. I tried going by that for alittle bit. I kept getting higher and lower headspeeds. So I just turned it off for normal and then turned it on in idle up and had someone tach it. Then dialed it in.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Throttle Jockey/9253/9CHP Setup
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