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I finally got my ph10micro so i could test the razor I had some time.
The no load current was 0.85 amps wich i think is correct on a 3cell lipo. What bothers me is that it gets very hot when it's running full throttle. I had to hold it in my hand because it didn't feel balanced enough to just let it sit on the table...I almost burned my fingers! And that's exactly what some said was the difference between a mislabeled razor V2 and the real ones (supposedly some razor300motors have been mislabeled , i don't know if it's true or not though). The razor 300 would get hot and the V2 wouldn't.

in flight:

I am waiting for some real batteries but because i blew up my etech's i had to use my lousy kokam1200's. I used fixed thottle, soft start, standard timing etc...nothing special in the ph10 menu and last but not least I had to use a 12 tooth pinion and the black somewhat bigger maingear because the 11 toother and the white gear got stripped.

Performance on full throttle fixed curve was very bad, much more bogging down than the speed300 but too my surprise it did fly for over 11 minutes on the kokam that only gave 6 or something stock (as i said before it's a really bad pack). On the other hand the motor didn't really get very hot in flight.
I estimate my heli weighing about 270 grams with the kokams and 288 with the TP1320 that are on the way.

Any thoughts? Is the no load current about right? Why is the motor that hot without a load?

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