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Somerset, England

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I have a CSM 560 V1 and 8700G servo, I have heard alot of bad press about this gyro, but it seems ok for my type of flying. General loops, rolls ,stall turns and inverted seem ok. I am going to change some of the parameters, I am going to put the decay time down to "0". Any other suggestions?? I cannot really be arsed with taking it out and sending back to CSM for a V3 upgrade as I do not want to be without it for a few weeks. I am flying it in a Robbe Conquest with OS 50 and Zimmerman.

Any suggestions will be of help.

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Would that work for the 560 micro too or should l leave it alone.lts going in a r50 v2 thats been droped off a few doors up cus we wern`t in.Frogmella and Elvis are getting fed up walking there and back every 5 minutes cus now he`s not in.

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rrKey Veteran

Atlantic City, New Jersey

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The version 1 or 2 software works very well in the original 560's. You will have no trouble with it at all when setup up properly and the helicopter has no vibration problems. I am still running a couple of V1 units and except for the time to boot up when first turned on, the units are fine. It takes about 10 seconds to let the versions 1's boot up and get the sensors stable. After that have at it. The 0 decay thing is a good idea in both rate and heading hold modes. Russ Deaken's setup is very good to use as well for specific helicopters.


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