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04-26-2004 11:49 AM  14 years agoPost 1



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I have just bought a second hand JR Vigor. It is an unflown partially built kit.

I did not get a chance to ask too many questions and I thought the price was a bargain so bought it. I haven't seen it yet but expect it to be an older standard mix version.

I am not a great flyer. I am comfotable with upright hovering in all directions and forward flight with loops and 'stall' turns.

My question is.

If it turns out to be standard mix then is it worth the CCPM conversion? The kit is reasonably cheap at Heliproz. Are the side frames the same in the standard mix and CCPM versions or would i have to replace these too? If they are the same will I need to drill them for bellcrank mounting?

I am happy with the belt drive but are there any other components on the standard version that I should look at upgrading immediately?

Thanks for your help.

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04-26-2004 12:19 PM  14 years agoPost 2


Fredericksburg VA

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Vigor standard
I just got mine and I am very happy with it. You are more advanced in flying than I am, but as far as the upgrade to CCPM everyone I have talked to says it is not worth the money to change it over. The conversion for the kits is around $350 or so. The frames to me look as if they do not need to be changed to have CCPM on the bird. I have hovered mine and it is rock steady. Hope this helps you with my limited knowledge.

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04-26-2004 10:52 PM  14 years agoPost 3


Quebec, Canada

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I got a standard Vigor, I only changed the paddles !

The Vigor is a great and very stable heli.

Dont forget to bring a clean pair of shorts when flying 3D ;)

04-27-2004 12:54 PM  14 years agoPost 4


Yass NSW Australia

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I run the standard mix on my STD Vigor and have no problems with it. As long as you run a decent servo on pitch, it isn't a real problem. I am a little further on in flying but not much (just started inverted hover and a few other 3d moves) and have found the Vigor to be a great stable machine.
If you haven't got the engine yet, GO THE BIG BLOCK . You won't regret it (except for the fuel bill).

A few helis, this and that

04-27-2004 03:07 PM  14 years agoPost 5


Tulsa, Okie-la-homie

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Vig standard
The main frames are both the same dimensions...the standard is metal......the cs is carbon fiber...and Mr.Carbon makes a set that is ...well, look for yourself.. but, right now I would just fly it like it is...plenty of time for mods later when your skill progresses..u just want to burn fuel right now...

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04-28-2004 03:39 PM  14 years agoPost 6



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I have the standard and CS,

Though I did have some problems with the belt initially. I upgraded to the tube drive. I've left everything else as standard, and It flies great.

I've still yet to run my engine on the CS, but initial feelings is that I would not upgrade anything else on the standard vigor.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterJR Heli Vibe 90/50, Sylphide 90, GSR260 › Vigor Std info needed
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