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Posted by DCORSAIR on 04-10-2014 03:08 PM:
To all my friends on RR!! **Please read***
My wife and I bought our first house and we will be moving soon, so I will be offline for a while. We have alot of work to do, about 1 acre to take care of now. I'm not into all the fancy electronic gadgets, I have to move my good old PC and hooked it all up to get back online, not sure when I will return so I closed all my posts. This is my first time moving after 25 yrs, so it might take a while.D. Lee.....t.Born again.t.....
Posted by Ace Dude on 04-10-2014 03:15 PM:
Congratulations! Welcome to debt!  
Posted by Wedge77 on 04-10-2014 03:15 PM:
Good luck on the new house! I felt like a kid with a new toy when I bought my first one, Good for you D.. Im sure you'll get as much enjoyment out of it as anything else.. although the moving part sux! JR NEX E8, 12 cell
Goblin 630, 12 cell
Vibe 50N Fbl
Century E640 Fbl, 12 Cell
Posted by DCORSAIR on 04-10-2014 03:19 PM:
Debt!! is right. We were debt free too.....oh well, it felt good for a while....D. Lee.....t.Born again.t.....
Posted by Ace Dude on 04-10-2014 03:22 PM:
There's life before mortgage and life after mortgage....  
Posted by es1co2bar3 on 04-10-2014 03:49 PM:
The sad part is losing your job while under mortgage debt then lose the woman after that to some jack who can only put a spoon in her mouth my buddy is going troughs hell right now.I was waiting on some honey but there aren't no Queen bee,
Posted by IYKIST on 04-10-2014 04:16 PM:
Congrats on your new home, hope you enjoy it.
Posted by stargazerww on 04-10-2014 04:28 PM:
There's life before mortgage and life after mortgage....[quote]

And no life during your Mortgage!!
Posted by gologo on 04-10-2014 05:38 PM:
We are going through the move or remodel (addition) thing right
now ourselves. Either way, it may be a pretty busy summer here too.

Good luck and enjoy the freedom to do what you want (mostly)and the new surroundings............
Posted by AWittleWabbit on 04-10-2014 06:00 PM:
I'm happy for you man. We'll see you back after you get the new helipad all settled.

Moving is a good time get rid of stuff you don't want. Give it away or dump it to CrumpetHeli-itis sufferer.
Posted by helitom on 04-10-2014 11:21 PM:
Honey-dos will be non, build your shop first..The older I get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
Posted by Gearhead on 04-11-2014 12:14 AM:
humm, about 1 acre, it will be a long ride, but let us know when the party is, we will bring our helis

good luck with the new houseJim
Buzz Buzz Buzz
Posted by Retired2011 on 04-11-2014 01:18 AM:
Debt free is grossly overrated!

Enjoy the transition man.
Posted by Tyler on 04-11-2014 01:25 AM:
Debt free is only grossly overrated by those that can't achieve and maintain it. Enjoy things that money can buy IF you don't lose the things money can't buy.
Posted by reddragon on 04-11-2014 02:20 PM:
God Bless My Friend. Wayne - Fly it like you stole it! You're in good hands with Runryder!
Posted by MartyH on 04-11-2014 04:52 PM:
I've owned the same home for 23 years and the mortgage is paid off. I don't plan on moving because I like the place I have and because of the daunting task you realize you are beginning. Good luck and try to enjoy the move.

As for the later comment in this thread that debt free is overrated, I found it to be very underrated.
Posted by DCORSAIR on 04-12-2014 05:59 AM:
Thanks to all who responded. I guess I should have made it more clear to why I was moving. I have rented for 25 yrs, $200 a month for a tired old house that has been a great quiet home for us out in the country and with great people down our street including the wonderful owners. They just left it at that price for all these yrs. It was hard to tell them that we finally bought our own home, its actually where I grew up at so I'm just returning to my homestead I guess right next to my Mom and my little sister, my father passed away 11 yrs ago and her place needs fixing up so when the house next to her came up for sale the owners went out of their way to make sure we got it and we did.... My in-laws live right beind us who all also great people and are getting up in age also, so I have actually three places to take care of now. Now you know why I said, I wasn't sure if I was going to return to RR or flying for awhile...

Thanks guys for all the kind remarksD. Lee.....t.Born again.t.....
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