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2020-04 Build My RunRyder Site


2020-03 Select files to upload

HD 10mb CLIP

2020-02 My Gallery Scripting

HD 25mb CLIP

2020-01 PM Post Photo Uploads

HD 58mb CLIP

New RR video player 2020-11

RR's new video player includes keystroke shortcuts...
RR Topic Image

RR topic owners now have have a routine to optionally upload a topic related image and crop it to 16x9 and 1x1. This will allow search providers to index images into their RR results. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

New keystroke site/forum navigation.

Navigate RR sites using the Ctrl-Down/Up-Arrow keys.
Navigate RR forums using Ctrl-Right/Left-Arrow keys.

Or click or touch the top right "N" for navigation.
RR 2020 Browser and Device Support

RR supports the latest stable releases of all major browsers and platforms.

Windows PC & Android Devices Apple Mac & Apple Devices Comparison of web browsers
Browser Market Share Worldwide (Chrome +60%)
Buddy and Ignore Lists

To add a RR member to your buddy or ignore list click on the member's name and again on their blue name to display their profile page. Then click the Yes/No switches in the Buddy Ignore columns.

You can view your complete buddy and ignore lists at myHOME. Your Buddy List displays either online status with minutes last active or offline status. For the Ignore List which follows Buddies, click the X next to the member's name to remove ignores from the list.

RR Topic Watch

Login and view RR topics. The system remembers what's new for each topic visited irregardless of marking new posts read. So when you see yellow corners it means you have new posts to read. Very handy when you don't have time to read topics in real-time. Toggle color to green to emphasize topic. Toggle color red to de-emphasize (ignore) topic.

Within forums notice the right-hand last post column. If yellow corners click to go to new post instead of last post. See forum bottom for the link "Forum Mark Watch Read".

See this TOPIC to comment.
Bookmark and Add RR to your Mobile Devices Home Screen

Launch the RR web app from your mobile devices home screen.

Google search: smartphone+add+bookmark+to+home+screen

Google search: Safari+add+bookmark+to+home+screen
Chromecast rrTV HD Video

Cast rrTV HD video from your mobile device to the big screen. Google Cast is a technology that lets you cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers.

Chromecast built-in   Google App Store   Apple App Store

Who's Casting rrTV? (post reply)
Email Reply to PM

RR offers the feature of replying back to PM notifications off site via your email client. When replying to PMs using your email client make sure the To: email address is NOT If it is you will receive a PM bounce message.

The correct Reply To email address would look something like the following:

For the most part, email clients get the Reply To address correctly without intervention. Just type your reply and hit send. A very productive feature.
Not Receiving RunRyder Emails?

Check your spam or junk mail folders.
Add to your email app’s Approved Senders Whitelist.
Make a Post

Click the Create New Topic link in each forum (found at the top right) or the Post Reply link in each topic (found at the top and bottom right).
Topic Categories

RunRyder has developed new functionality to allow everyone to create and place categorized information. When creating a new topic, you must selective a category which best classifies the discussion topic:

  • Normal = End user discussions without vendor/rep influence
  • Docs = Build docs, manuals, and other instructional information
  • Videos = Videos
  • News = Vendor press releases and other newsworthy information
  • Sell = Forum specific classifieds

When browsing a forum, click the category links located at the top left to see the related information:

Please click Attn:RR on topics that need re-categorizing.

To search RunRyder post content click the SEARCH link. Located page top header.

Narrow results by selecting a specific forum, username, search only titles or search a recent time frame. If you cannot find what you are looking for after conducting a SEARCH, please ask your question in the forums (via Make a Post). Please do not contact RunRyder with your questions unless they are administrative related.

To search a specific topic click the topic's "Print Topic" link. Then Ctrl-F to find specific text. The "Print TOPIC" link can be found bottom left of every topic.
Photo Viewing and Saving Photos

Clicking on gallery thumbnails launches RR photo viewer. JavaScript must be enabled.
Viewer will display two links top left and two top right. They are as follows:
  1. Open photo in new window. This allows right-click save and zooming.
  2. Go full screen.
  3. Add to Clipboard for subsequent pasting into posts or PMs.
  4. Close viewer.

Keyboard controls for desktop browsers
  • Next Image - Right Arrow
  • Prev Image - Left Arrow
  • First Image - Home Key
  • Last Image - End Key
  • Close Gallery Window - Escape Key
On touch screen device finger swipe left or right.
Hide icons by taping screen or moving mouse pointer off screen.

To save file as click to top left icon then right-click to save. To obtain file info first add photo to your Clipboard. Then within your clipboard click on each photo and see info.
Post a Batch of Photos – Copy and Paste from Galleries

Copy and paste gallery scripts into posts. Click All Photos then View Script.
[title] April 29 2012
[img] /gallery/1/RR2002.jpg [desc]
The above script tags pasted into a post are automatically converted to the following post tags:
[TITLE]April 29 2012[/TITLE]
Deleting Photos, Files or Scripts

To delete photos, files or scripts from MY GALLERY, click the All Photos link and then optionally the All Files link found top left of your gallery. Next, check the selection box above each photo (or script or files) you wish to delete. Then click the Delete Selected button on the bottom right.

My Fast Photos are deleted the same way.

Photos are NOT stored (only pointers) within your posts or messages. Deleting gallery photos will break post or message photo display.
Thumbnail Photo Rotation on all RunRyder Pages

RunRyder displays thumbnail photos from selected member galleries in the top left portion of all RunRyder Pages. These photos display at a random starting point each time you visit the site.

Hovering over the thumbnail photo will display the member name and its GALLERIES page number (Example: page 62). To go to this member's gallery, either click on the thumbnail displayed, or enter in the page number in the "Jump to page" field at the bottom of the GALLERIES page.

Photos displayed in this area are handpicked by RunRyder moderators from the Main Galleries. Additional photos may also be selected to represent "The Best of" photos in RunRyder's Electric, Scale and Turbine Galleries.

Be sure to upload colorful, attractive, RC heli photos via My Gallery if you would like to your image selected for rotation in this area.
Color Coding and Symbols

Member Name Color Coding:
  • Red = You. Every logged-in member will see their name in red.
  • Blue = Buddy
  • Green = New Member (less than 30 posts and/or less than 180 days)
  • Grey = Member account not fully activated due to incorrect e-mail address or no response to email confirmation upon registration.
  • Grey = Member account unsubscribed and deactivate. Member can only read PMs and PM the moderator.
  • ♦ = A diamond symbol shows that you have Private Notes or a Member Name Mouse Over Value under that member's profile. You can add Private Notes and a Member Name Mouse Over Value in the corresponding fields at the bottom of each member's profile. If you do not assign a Member Name Mouse Over Value, the member's join date and location will display when you mouse over their name.

PM Color Coding:
  • = You have new, unread PMs in your Inbox.
  • PM = You have unread PMs in your Inbox.

Forum & Subscription Color Coding:
  • Grey Topics = Signifies that the topic is an Off Topic when viewing START HERE or myHome, or that the topic is closed.
  • NEW SUBS = New posts have been made in your subscribed Forums and/or Topics.
  • Forum Subscribed = You are subscribed to this Forum. Your subscribed Forums will be highlighted in light green.
  • Topic Subscribed = You are subscribed to this Topic. Your subscribed Topics will be highlighted in light blue.
  •  X  = Unsubscribe from a Forum or Topic
Why Your Topic was Moved

RunRyder moves topics, usually from the Main Discussion, when they would be better served in a more specific forum.

For example, a Main Discussion topic displaying a video would be moved to the Photos and Videos forum, whereas a Main Discussion topic which warns others of a classified bad guy would be moved to CLASSIFIEDS - Feedback - Mediate forum.
Create a Classifieds Listing

  1. Locate the Classifieds forums on the bottom right of your current RunRyder homepage.
  2. Click on the appropriate Classifieds forum for your listing. An explanation of what is appropriate is found in the top of each Classifieds forum.
  3. Click Create New Topic.
  4. Compose your message. Include details on condition, price, payment and shipping of your item.
  5. Insert photos of the item(s) into your message. Do not link to competing websites.
  6. Click Preview to review your listing.
  7. Click Submit New Topic to finish.

To edit your listing or update its category, click the EDIT link located at the bottom right of your topic's first post. Make your changes then click Save Edit.
Category: Normal   Pending   Sold   Void  

Classified topics stay open, so it is important to update the category status of your listing.
Post an Event in the RunRyder Event Summary

Go to the Events, Shows and Fun Flies forum. Click Create New Topic. Compose an opening post and press Submit New Topic. The following will appear at the top of your topic:

Enter your event information in the spaces provided and click Submit to RC Helicopter Event Summary. Your event will be added to the event summary.

The link to the RunRyder event summary is located at the top of every page under EVENTS. A link to the event summary is also found in the Events, Shows and Fun Flies forum.

Please note: There is no RunRyder Event Calendar. Instead, all events are listed in date order.
Email Notifications

There are Six Items to Consider to manage your RR email notifications.

Email notifications are sent to RR members to notify them of new Private Messages (PMs) and/or new Subscriptions. RunRyder emails will arrive in your inbox from the 'RR <no reply> Notification' ( for subscriptions and as 'RR PM Email Reply' ( for PMs.

By default, email notifications for new Private Messages (PMs) and/or new Subscription activity are sent five minutes since your last activity on the site. You can change the frequency of email notifications by going to myHome - Edit Options (Messaging, Subscriptions & Notification) and changing the waiting period for PM Notification, Forum Notification, and/or Topic Notification. The longer the waiting period, the less frequent an email notification will be sent.

To prevent yourself from receiving notifications about new posts in a topic you created or post replied to, uncheck the box next to Subscribe to This Topic under the Options category before you Submit New Topic or Submit Reply.

Please note: RunRyder does not send spam or unsolicited emails and does not sell or give out members's email addresses ever.
Missing Inbox PMs and Save Copy

Your PM replies are automatically saved to the sent folder with the original moved to trash. This process is done to avoid redundant PMs in your Inbox and Sent folders. The Sent folder contains your complete PM conversation including date and time.

**RunRyder PMs are automatically deleted after three years. If you wish to keep something permanently, please save a copy to your personal computer.
Change Your Member Name

First, go to the MEMBERS list (link is located in the top header of every RunRyder page) and search for the new member name you would like to use. If the name is already in use, select and search for another name. If the name in not in use, pmRR with the requested name change.
Once the change is made, all of your existing posts and content will show your new member name.
Ignore Feature Explained

If you add a member to your Ignore List:
  • You will not see the ignored member's post content in topic view.
  • You cannot PM or email the ignored member.

If you have been added to another member's Ignore List:
  • Except for classifieds, you cannot post reply to the ignorer's topics.
  • You cannot PM or email the ignorer.

Review how to manage your buddy or ignore lists here.
Contacting RunRyder

Instead of email, it's faster to communicate with RR by clicking one of the two following links. For non post related issues click the pmRR link at the top of every RR page. For post related issues click the post's Attn: RR link.

By design, RR management does not follow or read along with the tens of thousands of monthly postings. It instead relies on community feedback via the links described above. Please do not ask questions or address RR via forum posts.

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