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HELP-FAQ  Site Usage Rules Vendor Specific
Site Usage Rules Vendor Specific
Addressing Undue Vendor Influence (spam)

By design, RR management does not follow or read along with the tens of thousands of monthly postings but relies on member feedback. If you see a Rep posting with undue vendor influence, please click Attn: RR on the post, or pmRR.

Since 2001 this site's discussions have been end user driven.

RunRyder Dot Com LLC develops and maintains fast paced, special interest discussion forums and derives it's operating income from the sale of third party display advertising. RunRyder invests heavily in the continued development of it's discussion environment, providing the most appealing experience for all involved.

Mission statement: Provide an open and free forum for end users to share and discuss their insight and experience. Allow vendors to answer post sale tech support questions. Provide vendors with an effective platform for promotion of product or service via paid display advertising.

In summary, RR is about the true end user sharing and discussing his or her modeling experience. Site economics dictates that commercial promotion and selling will be done through paid display advertising. Selling via posts will be limited to just (2) posts a month for current advertisers.
RunRyder Advertisers - Only Two Marketing Posts a Month

Current RunRyder advertisers are only allowed to create 2 topics (posts) per month for marketing. Follow up posts will be of technical nature only. They will not include product links or photos, or be used for continued promotion or bumping. The opening topic post can be edited to insert additional links, photos, videos and/or clarification.

The CLASSIFIEDS - Vendors forum is specifically for advertisers's marketing topics. Topics orginally created in other forums, such as the Main Discussion, will be moved to this forum after 2 days.

It is highly recommended that advertisers keep their ad images fresh. RR has developed an effective ad rotation system via your MY GALLERY.

Advertiser Galleries - Advertising Information and Policy.
Topic Categories - Build Docs, Videos and Press Releases

RunRyder has developed new functionality to allow vendors and their reps to post (or create new) within their respective forums under the new category system. When creating a new topic, you must select a category which best classifies the discussion topic:

  • Normal = End user discussions without vendor/rep influence
  • Docs = Build docs, manuals, and other instructional information
  • Videos = Videos
  • News = Vendor press releases and other newsworthy information
  • Sell = Forum specific classifieds

When browsing a forum, click the category links located at the top left to see the related information:

Please click Attn:RR on topics that need re-categorizing.

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