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Post Tags

RunRyder Post Tags can be used to help design the way your message looks. It is a set of tags based on HTML, but unlike HTML, it is based on a simpler syntax that will never break the page layout of RunRyder. To use the Post Tag buttons, JavaScript must be enabled.

To correctly use the Post Tag buttons, first highlight the text you wish to change and then select the post tag button. You can also format your message by first selecting the post tag button you wish to use. The button will then turn pink. Then type whatever you wish to be formatted. After you are finished typing, click on the same button or the 'Close Tags' button.

Video Players

[vimeo]....[/vimeo]   For YouTube or Vimeo videos see this topic.


[align=left]This text is aligned left.[/align]

[align=center]This text is aligned center.[/align]

[align=right]This text is aligned right.[/align]

Bold, Underlined and Italic Text

You can make text bold, underlined or italicized by surrounding your text with these tags:
  • [b]some text[/b] produces some text
  • [u]some text[/u] produces some text
  • [i]some text[/i] produces some text

Using Different Colors, Sizes and Fonts

You can alter the size, color and font of text using the following tags:
  • [color=blue]some text[/color] produces some text (colored blue)
  • [size=small]some text[/size] produces some text (size=small text)
  • [size=large]some text[/size] produces some text (size=large text)
  • [size=xlarge]some text[/size] produces some text (size=xlarge text)
  • [size=huge]some text[/size] produces some text (size=huge text)
  • [font=courier]some text[/font] produces some text (using courier font)
  • [font=monospace]some text[/font] produces some text (using monospace font)
  • [font=comic sans ms]some text[/font] produces some text (using comic sans ms font)
You can also combine all the various text formatting tags. Uses bold, underlined and purple:
[color=purple][u][b]Wow there's lots of formatting here![/b][/u][/color]
This example produces this:
Wow there's lots of formatting here!

Bullets and Lists

You can create bulleted or ordered lists in the following way: Unordered, bulleted list:
[*]first bulleted item
[*]second bulleted item
This produces:
  • first bulleted item
  • second bulleted item
Note that you must remember to close the list with the [/list] tag. If you would like to create a list ordered numerically or alphabetically, it is also easy to do. You simply need to add a little extra code to your [list] and [/list] tags. The extra code looks like =1 (for a numbered list) or =A (for a list from A to Z). Here are some examples:

[*]this is the first numbered item
[*]this is the second numbered item

This produces:
  1. this is the first numbered item
  2. this is the second numbered item
[*]this is the first alphabetically ordered item
[*]this is the second alphabetically ordered item

This produces:
  1. this is the first alphabetically ordered item
  2. this is the second alphabetically ordered item

Quoting Other Messages

To quote something that has already been posted, simply cut-and-paste the text you want to quote and enclose it as follows:
[quote]No. Try not.
Do or do not, there is no try.[/quote]
This produces:
No. Try not.
Do or do not, there is no try.
See more about quoting here.

URL Hyperlinking

You can simply type in the full address of the page you are linking to and the hyperlink will be created automatically. Here are some example links:
Notice that if the address begins with www. you do not need to add the http:// part of the address. If the address does not begin with www. you will need to add the http:// section. You may also use https:// and ftp:// links, and these will be converted into links. If you want to include Format Code, you simply surround the address with [url] tags as shown below.
You can also include true hyperlinks using the [url=??] tag. Use the following format:
[url=]Click here to visit RunRyder RC[/url]
This will produce a hyperlink like this: Click here to visit RunRyder RC.

Email Links

To add a link to an email address, include the email address in your message like this:
There must be a blank space, such as a space or a carriage return before the beginning of the address.

You can also use Format Code tags to specify an email address, like this:

You can also add a true email hyperlink using the following format:
[]Click here to email me[/email]
This will produce a hyperlink like this: Click here to email me.

Adding Images

To include a picture or graphic within the body of your message, surround the address of the image as shown here:
Note that the http:// part of the image URL is required for the [img] code.

You can even create a thumbnail-type hyperlink by surrounding your [img] code with a [url] tag:
This produces a link like this:

Posting Photos from RunRyder Galleries

Click here to learn how to add Gallery photos to your posts using the RunRyder clipboard.

Or view gallery scripts and copy and paste into posts.
[title] April 29 2012
[img] /gallery/1/RR2002.jpg [desc]
The above script tags pasted into a post are automatically converted to the following post tags:
[TITLE]April 29 2012[/TITLE]
For RunRyder gallery script tag documentation click here.

The Code Tags

If you want to post some programming source code or perhaps some ASCII art, which would require a non-proportional font, you can use the [code] tag to achieve this. For example:
<script language="Javascript">
  alert( "Hello world!" );
In the example above, the text enclosed in the [code] tags would be automatically indented, and the spacing would be preserved like this:
<script language="Javascript">
alert( "Hello world!" );

Incorrect Post Tag Usage

  • [url] [/url] - Don't put spaces between the bracketed tag and the text you are applying the tag to.
  • [email][email] - Closing tag must include a forward slash ([/email]).

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