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Getting Started

Becoming a member allows you to utilize all features of this forum, including posting new topics, sending private messages to other members, setting up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online, uploading photos and videos, scripting your My Gallery, and entering events in the forum event list.

This FAQ highlights key features of your membership, but we recommend doing a more in depth review of all the HELP-FAQ to familiarize yourself with RunRyder's usage policies and functionality.

Site Usage Rules - Members
In order to maintain the most productive and efficient discussion environment, RunRyder has developed a set of Site Usage Rules. RR members agree to these rules upon registration. Please review the list of Site Usage Rules here.

Moderation Policy
To maintain site appeal RunRyder minimally moderates and does not mediate the conversations. It must maintain neutrality with all discussions and will never editorialize or offer opinion.

RR moderation relies on member feedback, meaning for the most part, the site is community policed. Members contribute feedback by clicking Attn: RR on problem posts. This feedback and its source will not be revealed and will remain private.

Sometimes, problem post histories take time to become apparent. Just because it was posted does not mean RR read it or approved it.

Important: RunRyder does NOT read member Private Messages unless they are specifically sent to RR. RunRyder does NOT moderate or get involved with Private Message traffic in any way, shape or form unless a PM is forwarded. Use your PM's Report Spam link to report spam or illegal activity.

Most RR moderating actions will happen without discussion. If moderation is not obvious then use pmRR to ask for clarification.

Using the Site

Creating topics and replying via posts are the mechanisms which facilitate the discussions on RunRyder. To create a new topic, click the Create New Topic link in each forum (found at the top right).
To post reply, click the Post Reply link in each topic (found at the top and bottom right).

Private Messaging (PM)
Private Messaging (PM) is RunRyder's internal messaging service. PMs can only be sent to registered RunRyder members. You can access your PM folders by clicking the PM link located at the top of every page or by clicking Private Messaging at myHome. The PM link at the top of every page will flash whenever you have a new PM, and will turn yellow (PM) when you have unread PMs.

myHome is your RunRyder homepage. It is where you can:
  • Edit your profile
    Click the Edit Profile link to update your email address (your email address is never publicly displayed), and to add information to your public profile such as a signature, birthday and helicopters you fly.
  • Edit your email and subscription preferences
    Click the Edit Options link to change your messaging, subscriptions and notification settings. Default settings are applied to your profile upon registration. Reviewing RunRyder's Six Options to Consider will help you update these settings.
  • Change your password
    Click the Change Password link found at the top of myHome.
  • Manage your buddy and ignore lists
    Your Buddy and Ignore lists are found in the left panel of myHome. To add a member to either list, go to member's profile. Then click No-to-Yes in the Social Metrics Buddy-Ignore columns.
  • Manage your subscriptions
    The right panels of myHome display new unread PMs, your subscribed forums and your subscribed topics. By default, members are automatically subscribed to topics they post in. You can change your subscription preferences in this area.

My Gallery
My Gallery is your place to upload photos, videos or files and create scripts about you and your hobby. You can design the look of your gallery by using HTML and RR scripting tags. Here are a few examples of RunRyder Member Galleries:
stevengerrard - flytech - USAF3C_2003.COM

Refer to the My Gallery Help-FAQ for more detailed explanations and examples.

RunRyder Classifieds are a free service available to all RR members. The system is setup to be self-regulated with limited RR involvement. Classified posts cannot be used for repeated new product sales or raffles, or link to competing sites. Please review the complete Classifieds policy here.

Contacting RunRyder
Instead of email, it's faster to communicate with RR by clicking one of the two following links. For non post related issues click the pmRR link at the top of every RR page. For post related issues click the post's Attn: RR. Please do not ask questions or address RR via forum posts.

By design, RR management does not follow or read along with the tens of thousands of monthly postings. It instead relies on community feedback via the links described above.

RunRyder has developed a comprehensive set of Help documentation which is accessible from every page of the site under the HELP-FAQ tab. Please review the information in this section if you have any additional questions.

About RunRyder
RunRyder Dot Com LLC develops and maintains fast paced, special interest discussion forums and derives it's operating income from the sale of third party display advertising. RunRyder invests heavily in the continued development of it's discussion environment, providing the most appealing experience for all involved.

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