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My Gallery
Find Uploaded Photos or Files

To find uploads in your My Gallery click All Photos and then click All Files.
Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs must be smaller than 250K bytes. Upload via the legacy upload routine in your My Gallery. Click All Photos and then All Files. To post your GIF use the [IMG] tags.
[img][/img] will display
RunRyder Clipboard

The RR clipboard is in the cloud and is not the same as your local clipboard.

Emptying your clipboard does NOT physically delete your photos.
Post a Batch of Photos โ€“ Copy and Paste from Galleries

Copy and paste gallery scripts into posts. Click All Photos then View Script.
[title] April 29 2012
[img] /gallery/1/RR2002.jpg [desc]
The above script tags pasted into a post are automatically converted to the following post tags:
[TITLE]April 29 2012[/TITLE]

To create a My Gallery album do the following:
  1. Click My Scripts.
  2. Select or Create script.
  3. Within script click Edit Script.
  4. Select one thumbnail image.
  5. At bottom click Add script's URL to -Welcome.

My Gallery is your place to upload photos, videos or files and create scripts about you and your hobby. A link to your MY GALLERY is found in the top header of every RR page.

For RunRyder Gallery Script Tag documentation click here.

Helpful Scripting Links:
Learn all about html:
Add color to your script:
Add a background to your script:

Right click on the photo, click Properties, then select and copy the complete address/URL. Go to your MY GALLERY, click EDIT SCRIPT, and place your cursor in the section of the script where you want to insert the photo. Click the IMG format button (located above the text box). A small window will open. Paste the URL into that window and click OK. A special HTTP code will be inserted into your post. Click Save Script to see the result.

Caution: Do not alter the copied address/URL or your photo will not display properly.

Videos can be added to your My Gallery provided that they are 10mb or less and are saved as a .zip file. After you upload the video, manually place the file information in your script to have it displayed in your gallery.
Deleting Photos, Files or Scripts

To delete photos, files or scripts from MY GALLERY, click the All Photos link and then optionally the All Files link found top left of your gallery. Next, check the selection box above each photo (or script or files) you wish to delete. Then click the Delete Selected button on the bottom right.

My Fast Photos are deleted the same way.

Photos are NOT stored (only pointers) within your posts or messages. Deleting gallery photos will break post or message photo display.

Titles are a helpful way to divide up and explain photos in your gallery. To add a title, you must click EDIT SCRIPT in your gallery. Find the place in your script where you would like to add a title. Type in [title] and next to this whatever you wish the title to be. After you are done, click the "Save Script" button at the bottom on your text box to have your title displayed.

For Example: [title] My Pico Z
This would produce a grey title bar with "My Pico Z", centered and in white font.

Click EDIT SCRIPT in your gallery. Then scroll down the page to the script text box. Locate the image you wish to add a caption to. Add at the end of the image file name type: "[desc]". After [desc], enter the caption you wish to use. When you are done click the 'Save Welcome Script' button.

For Example: [img] /gallery/9523/DSC_0470.jpg [desc] My pride and joy
This would add a caption on top of the picture saying "My pride and joy"
Thumbnail Photo Rotation on all RunRyder Pages

RunRyder displays thumbnail photos from selected member galleries in the top left portion of all RunRyder Pages. These photos display at a random starting point each time you visit the site.

Hovering over the thumbnail photo will display the member name and its GALLERIES page number (Example: page 62). To go to this member's gallery, either click on the thumbnail displayed, or enter in the page number in the "Jump to page" field at the bottom of the GALLERIES page.

Photos displayed in this area are handpicked by RunRyder moderators from the Main Galleries. Additional photos may also be selected to represent "The Best of" photos in RunRyder's Electric, Scale and Turbine Galleries.

Be sure to upload colorful, attractive, RC heli photos via My Gallery if you would like to your image selected for rotation in this area.
View All Member Galleries

In GALLERIES, click the Total 5230 link to view all. This will produce a Galleries Grid in which you can click on individual member names to view their gallery.

Another way to review all Main Galleries is to continue clicking the top right photo thumbnail. The photo thumbnails are displayed in order with a random starting point for each new visit to RunRyder. Every time you view a new page or do a screen refresh a new photo (a link to a member's gallery) is displayed. Therefore each time you click on the photo thumbnail a new gallery will be displayed.

  1. Click on  Edit Script .
  2. Edit in a [break] tag at varying points in your script to narrow down problem.
    [break] This tag stops displaying script below the point where it is inserted. It is used to debug broken scripts caused by malformed html.
  3. Click Save Script and review.

If you encounter errors with gallery scripting or photo uploading it is likely a cache problem. First, try a "View Refresh" by pressing Crtl-R or F5. If the error still persists, try deleting your temporary internet files (cache) and off line content: How to Clear Your Cache.

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