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General Forum Usage

New keystroke site/forum navigation.

Navigate RR sites using the Ctrl-Down/Up-Arrow keys.
Navigate RR forums using Ctrl-Right/Left-Arrow keys.

Or click or touch the top right "N" for navigation.
RR Topic Watch

Login and view RR topics. The system remembers what's new for each topic visited irregardless of marking new posts read. So when you see yellow corners it means you have new posts to read. Very handy when you don't have time to read topics in real-time. Toggle color to green to emphasize topic. Toggle color red to de-emphasize (ignore) topic.

Within forums notice the right-hand last post column. If yellow corners click to go to new post instead of last post. See forum bottom for the link "Forum Mark Watch Read".

See this TOPIC to comment.
Bookmark and Add RR to your Mobile Devices Home Screen

Launch the RR web app from your mobile devices home screen.

Google search: smartphone+add+bookmark+to+home+screen

Google search: Safari+add+bookmark+to+home+screen
Topic Categories

RunRyder has developed new functionality to allow everyone to create and place categorized information. When creating a new topic, you must selective a category which best classifies the discussion topic:

  • Normal = End user discussions without vendor/rep influence
  • Docs = Build docs, manuals, and other instructional information
  • Videos = Videos
  • News = Vendor press releases and other newsworthy information
  • Sell = Forum specific classifieds

When browsing a forum, click the category links located at the top left to see the related information:

Please click Attn:RR on topics that need re-categorizing.
Member Status

Status is based on post count. Off Topic and Classified posts do not count.
  • rrNewbie (less than 30 posts and registered less than 180 days)
  • rrNovice (30 posts or registered 180 days or more)
  • rrApprentice (100 posts)
  • rrVeteran (500 posts)
  • rrKey Veteran (1000 posts)
  • rrElite Veteran (2000 posts)
  • rrProfessor (5000 posts)
  • rrMaster (10000 posts)
Member List

A link to the MEMBERS list is found in the top header of every RunRyder page. The Member List contains a complete list of all the registered members and has several different display options. You can click on ALL or one of the alphabet letters to display those specific lists, or you can conduct a search by name, location, homepage and/or email. There are also several sort options for the Member List. You can sort by user name, location, join date, post count or last post date.
Member Galleries

Find a member and click their name to go to their Profile page. Then click the GALLERY link displayed in the top right of their profile.

Member's without a gallery will not have a GALLERY link shown in their profile.
Color Coding and Symbols

Member Name Color Coding:
  • Red = You. Every logged-in member will see their name in red.
  • Blue = Buddy
  • Green = New Member (less than 30 posts and/or less than 180 days)
  • Grey = Member unsubscribed (deactivated) or account not fully activated due to incorrect e-mail address or no response to email confirmation upon registration.
  • Grey = Member account locked and disabled. Member can only read PMs and PM the moderator.
  • ♦ = A diamond symbol shows that you have Private Notes or a Member Name Mouse Over Value under that member's profile. You can add Private Notes and a Member Name Mouse Over Value in the corresponding fields at the bottom of each member's profile. If you do not assign a Member Name Mouse Over Value, the member's join date and location will display when you mouse over their name.

PM Color Coding:
  • = You have new, unread PMs in your Inbox.
  • PM = You have unread PMs in your Inbox.

Forum & Subscription Color Coding:
  • Grey Topics = Signifies that the topic is an Off Topic when viewing START HERE or myHome, or that the topic is closed.
  • NEW SUBS = New posts have been made in your subscribed Forums and/or Topics.
  • Forum Subscribed = You are subscribed to this Forum. Your subscribed Forums will be highlighted in light green.
  • Topic Subscribed = You are subscribed to this Topic. Your subscribed Topics will be highlighted in light blue.
  •  X  = Unsubscribe from a Forum or Topic

  • Attn: RR = Attention RunRyder. This link is located below every post on RunRyder. Clicking Attn:RR brings up a private message screen with the topic forum, title, and post quoted. RR management does not follow or read along with the tens of thousands of monthly postings, but instead relies on community feedback via this link to report problems or inappropriate content.

  • Bump or TTT = A member's post was created to Bump the topic To The Top of the topic display list. Members are only allowed to Bump their classified topics once a day.

  • PM = Private Message.

  • pmRR = PM RunRyder. This link is displayed in the top left of every page on RunRyder and should be used to contact RunRyder. Clicking pmRR brings up a private message screen. The Private Messaging system is only available to members. Visitors may contact RunRyder by clicking the email link at the bottom of each screen.

  • RR = RunRyder

To search RunRyder post content click the SEARCH link. Located page top header.

Narrow results by selecting a specific forum, username, search only titles or search a recent time frame. If you cannot find what you are looking for after conducting a SEARCH, please ask your question in the forums (via Make a Post). Please do not contact RunRyder with your questions unless they are administrative related.

To search a specific topic click the topic's "Print Topic" link. Then Ctrl-F to find specific text. The "Print TOPIC" link can be found bottom left of every topic.

START HERE is a link to the last seven days of topics with the newest first.

NEW SUBS is displayed instead when there are new posts in your subscribed topics.

Display Options (filter unwanted categories)

Clicking on an option excludes that category from the posts you see, click again and it is included.
For example, if your display options are set as the following:

Start Here  Display Options:   Off TopicsNews & PoliticsElectrics

News & Politics posts will not be displayed.

Also within Start Here you have the ability to view posts under a certain category. Besides View New Posts, you can view your subscriptions, view only classifieds or view only electrics. For example, clicking Only Electrics will display all electric posts on the site with the newest post listed first.

The NEW symbol denotes all new posts since the last time you Mark New Read or since you were last active on the site. The time of your last visit can be seen at the top right corner of the screen.
Top (Top 03-06-2007 05:27 PM) is the current time and Bottom (Bottom 03-06-2007 05:20 PM) is the last time you Mark New Read or it is the last time you were active on the site.

**The system default is to automatically marks posts read after 30 minutes of inactivity. To change this setting go to myHome - Edit Options.
Mark Subs Read and Mark New Read

Mark Subs Read is a link that marks all your subscription posts as being read, clearing NEW symbols that point to unread subscription posts.

If you have new subscriptions since your last visit, click on the NEW SUBS link at the top right of the homepage. This will take you to your new subscriptions. After you are done reviewing your new subscriptions, chose Mark Subs Read.

You can also view new subscriptions by clicking the START HERE link at the top right of the homepage. Then select Subscriptions. After you are finished reading all new posts under your subscriptions, select Mark Subs Read.

Mark New Read is a link that marks all new posts as being read, clearing all NEW symbols on the site.

To mark all topics read, click the Mark New Read link displayed in the bottom right corner under START HERE or View New Posts.

Under your Subscriptions in myHOME, all new and unread activity since your last visit is marked with NEW in front of the topic title. You can also denote new and unread activity in the Last Post column. The Last Post category with a yellow background denotes new activity since your last visit or since you've marked Mark Subs Read and/or Mark New Read. A red background in the Last Post column denotes the topic's last post is more than a day old.

**Member default automatically marks posts read after 30 minutes of inactivity. To change this setting go to myHome - Edit Options.
RunRyder Event Summary

The link to the RunRyder event summary is located at the top of every page under EVENTS. A link to the event summary is also found in the Events, Shows and Fun Flies forum.

Please note: There is no RunRyder Event Calendar. Instead, all events are listed in date order.

To post a new event in the event summary, go to the Events, Shows and Fun Flies forum. Click Create New Topic. Make an opening post and press Submit New Topic. This image will appear at the bottom of your topic:

Enter your event information in the spaces provided and click Submit to RC Helicopter Event Summary. Your event will be added to the event summary.

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