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HelicopterMain Discussion › Tail rotor vibration
04-25-2002 11:55 PM  15 years agoPost 1

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Even from brand new my tail rotor has had a vibration on my Raptor 60. I tried to balance the stock tail rotors but I've had to balance the hub and grip asmb. without the rotors because I have not been able to get them in a perfectly straight line, so I end up with an inaccurate balance. I now have MS rotors and the vibration is not as bad but is still there, this tells me my blade grips are not balanced, Right? I’ve removed a little bit of material off the heavy grip but I feel if I can’t balance the hub, grips, and rotors together I’m not getting the best balance possible. I need some ideas on how other people fix this condition. I use a magnetic balancer made by Top Flight, I also use it for plank props, it works excellent, and it even has balanced the tail rotor blades on my R30 perfectly.

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04-26-2002 05:33 PM  15 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

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I know this sounds silly but, have you checked the tail output shaft to make certain it isn't bent. The I would balance them on the chopper with a bit of trial and error, or better worse tracking tape. And also make certain they are in track.

Just because something is in perfect static balance, doesn't mean that it will be in perfect dynamic balance.

Good luck,

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HelicopterMain Discussion › Tail rotor vibration
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