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HelicopterMain Discussion › Set up for idle up 1 throttle& pitch
04-24-2002 12:27 PM  15 years agoPost 1


Townsville Australia

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Hi Everone,

can someone tell me the correct set up
for idle up 1 throttle& pitch settings I use a jr 3810
there seems to be so many different settings
anyhelp would be good thanks Dave.

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04-24-2002 01:19 PM  15 years agoPost 2


New England

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thats because there is no 1 CORRECT one.

It's about what you want and what fits your

Some people have these awful complicated
setups w/ different pitch for every mode.

I like to keep it simple (cause I'm not too bright)
and pretty much use ID1 exclusively and control
what I want w/ the left stick. So, for me,
my ID1 is +/-9-10 and whatever the throttle curve
needs to be to keep things constant (or GV1).

04-24-2002 02:25 PM  15 years agoPost 3


Canal Winchester, OH

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No Perfect Setting

There is no perfect setting. I did not look at your profile but if you are just getting FFF or starting some inverted the ID1 settings should be getting some use as you don't want to be flying around in Normal mode all the time. Basically - IDU 1 is used to add throttle even when the blade pitch is negative. Start out with a very linear curve. Pitch at -9, 0, +9 and throttle at +90%, 60%, and +90% . Your hover pitch should be at 3/4 stick not at half stick. This means your 0 degree pitch will be at half stick. At 60% throttle there be careful not to over rev, and you are on your way. Plus read some tech talk at to get some insight on linkage geometry.


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HelicopterMain Discussion › Set up for idle up 1 throttle& pitch
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