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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
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08-30-2017 09:46 PM  83 days agoPost 41


Zachary, Louisiana

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AR info

E- you could purchase a lower receiver and build one out for about $500. Just knowing Heli guys that may be more fun. Like LEGOs for Texans. ama#: 968515

08-30-2017 11:22 PM  83 days agoPost 42



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Depends on what part of some parts, they're called "Low-gos".....helis, that is....

Logo 600SXs, 800XX, TDR IIs

09-03-2017 04:48 PM  79 days agoPost 43
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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Instead of a Drone, let's call it:
"Unmanned aircraft with more than two rotors"

True heli pilots don't take an particular interest in them probably b/c these abomination of the RC Hobby has cast a shadow on our preferred pastime. I do believe in "Do as you like" since it's America and the "Land of Opportunities". However, when freedom of choice is given to those that lack the knowledge to make a good decision, there are bad consequences when you combine the two!

Remember the phrase:
"You can do whatever you want as along as you don't potentially hurt anyone"

People tend to do what they want when they want and seldom fully plan ahead.
"People don't plan to fail but FAIL II PLAN"

So when you do something, "Do it right". Of course there are heli pilots that are numb nuts and knuckleheads:
- fly anywhere they please
- have little knowledge about their equipment
- don't listen - know everything yet expect a lot!

But these guys don't get very far and walk away from RC Heli after a few "incidents". And that is when they get their fulfillment of flying in a different form.... guess what they choose?

there are upsides to the Dark Side....Unmanned aircraft multi rotors have been used for:
- search and rescue
- building inspections
- finding landmines
- to name a few

Do whatever you want .. just don't be a Douche while you're at it!

- Scott

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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
HelicopterMain Discussion › What do ya think?
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