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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBeastX › How does the Beast x plus and Ikon compare
04-13-2017 03:42 AM  73 days agoPost 1

New Heliman


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I have two Beast X plus in my helis already and lpve them. I need another flybarless unit and the LHS has a couple of Ikons at a good price. How do they compare performance wise?

04-13-2017 12:26 PM  73 days agoPost 2

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Moline, il

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I've only flown the older beast so I don't know how it's different then the plus. But my ikon is so much nicer there's no comparison. Setup on the computer is also easy. I'll never use anything else

04-14-2017 07:28 PM  71 days agoPost 3

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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I never flew a Beast X (or the Spektrum equivalent)
"Performance wise", I would assume they would be close.

But, for you, performance is not an issue - you and I don't fly well enough to notice.

If you look at the MSH Brain 2 / iKON 2, you see their features far out-pace the Beast-based gyros.
And, they are updating their software to add new features at least every 3 months

Yes, the Beast-based don't need a computer to setup, but the MSH can use Bluetooth and connect to your iPhone / iPAD or Android phone at the field.

And, there is nothing to "unlock" in the software for MSH.

And, the Brain 2 /iKON 2 support vibration and system logging for playback later (no additional software required)

And, they also support real time telemetry to Futaba, Jeti & Spektrum for both gyro based parameters and ESC data (from Hobbywing and Castle Creations).

So, performance should not be your criteria.

BTW: Make sure the LHS has the Brain 2 or the iKON 2.
The older models cannot be upgraded to the Brain 2 /iKON 2 because hardware is different.

The new Brain 2 /iKON 2 have a colorful label and clearly display the "iKON 2" or "Brain 2" on the case.
It is hard to miss.
If you look at the case and do not see the big number 2, it is not the latest model.

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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBeastX › How does the Beast x plus and Ikon compare
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