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HelicopterScale Model RC Helicopters › Roban 700 2 Blade models Head Speeds
04-10-2017 09:58 AM  11 months agoPost 21


Brisbane, Australia

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The Power Out % has nothing to do with the Governor % - completely unrelated.

Power Out % is an indication of the % of the available power your drivetrain used to maintain the chosen headspeed.

If you geared up to achieve, say, 1250rpm at 95% governor towards the end of the flight (ie. when lipo volts is close to 44.4V for 12s system), and you had a good powerful setup with brand new high C rated lipos, and flew gentle scale-like FF, you may only ever see the power out % around 60-70%.

However, if you had a a similar system with a weaker motor, geared for an 80% governor %, and old tired 12s 20C (or lower) lipos, you might see the system showing between 95% and 100% to try to reach the chosen headspeed in FF, and see the rpm number drop below the chosen number as the flight progressed and every time you drew more power than gentle FF. The rpm drops because your system maxs out at 100% power out and cannot deliver sufficient power to maintain the chosen headspeed.

I think the CC tech may be wrong though because I fly in "Normal" using the 30% TC setting all the time, and have seen (not often) peaks in the logs up to 100%. The 30% is simply to set "Speed 1", around 70% is to set "Speed 2" and 100% is to set "Speed 3" in the ESC governor.


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04-10-2017 04:32 PM  11 months agoPost 22


Panama City, FL

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I'm starting to understand whats going on. I thought the esc #'s were literal at all times, whether the packs were used or new. That the voltage amount dictates the esc %. Basically that's what the manufacture is stating. There is no mention that a electrical engineering degree is needed. LOL
I have new 30c packs. I guess I'll just enjoy the efficiency while it last.

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HelicopterScale Model RC Helicopters › Roban 700 2 Blade models Head Speeds
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