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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsFutaba CGY › CGY750 Setup assistance please
02-14-2017 06:50 PM  12 months agoPost 1


Denver, Co

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I need a bit of assistance please.
Here is the setup

T-Rex 700
BL700H cyclic servos
BLS251 Rudder Servo
Futaba CGY750 gyro (version 1.2 firmware)
Castle Phoenix 160 ESC
Castle BEC Pro (set to 5.1 volts)

Spektrum DX18 with Futaba SBE-1 interface

Initial setup so far without the rudder server connected

Power up the unit and the Cyclic servos dance around the center point
Went through the menu and I thought I had everything correct, but the servos still dance around.
I unplugged the servos (so I could re-route the wires), no when i connect power, i get SensEr on the gyro, i disconnected and let is sit for 5 minutes, reconnect and still get the Error.

Can this unit be powered up without the remote sensor connected to see if it will initialize?
What else can I do to get this to function?

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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02-15-2017 03:48 AM  12 months agoPost 2
don s

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Chesapeake, VA

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SensEr on the gyro
The sensor is dead, irreparable.

RCJapan has the cheapest new CGY units, or you can go with a more Spektrum compatible unit. I'm sure you can find something on the classifieds here, just mind the feedback of the seller.

E820, Raptor G4N, X50F/E, E620, Forza 450, and some planks.

02-16-2017 02:54 PM  12 months agoPost 3


Huntsville, AL

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I may be misreading your description, but are you powering the gyro up without the sensor plugged in? If so, no it will not work without the sensor plugged in. It won't initialize, it will boot up then go straight to the sensor error screen. With TX off/SBUS connection unplugged it will still show ID # and Firmware version though regardless if the sensor is connected or not.

When it was working, when you say the servos kept dancing, where they making erratic commands in every direction, or was it a steady fall to one direction?

If the sensor IS plugged in and still reading sensor error, your best bet is to send it in to Hobby Services in Champaign, IL, with a detailed note of the problem and if purchased new from a retailer within 1 year, include a copy of the receipt.


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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsFutaba CGY › CGY750 Setup assistance please
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