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I am sitting at a bar that I dance at almost every Sat night....local bands and good music. Sitting next to me is a beautiful lady and her friend....
She starts a conversation and we make small talk, then i introduce my self and she introduces herself....I am sitting next to Blinda Carlyle lead singer of the Go Gos...
I think she was more imperssed that i didnt recognize her and swoon over her...She asked if I knew who she was and i said i knew of her and liked her music...but didnt konw it was her...and she was very friendly and open to conversation....
She was a pleasure to meet and I will hold her in high regard for how she treated me..... Blinda , thanks for the pleasurable evening....

Fly Hard......Team Viagra

01-22-2017 09:22 AM


Mercerville, NJ, USA

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Wow. That's really cool.

I made a mistake once, but I was wrong?

01-22-2017 01:29 PM
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HelicopterOff Topics › Brush with fame....and beauty.
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