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HelicopterRadio - Futaba FASST › Futaba and mobile OS integration
12-27-2016 04:24 AM  5 months agoPost 1


Taupo, New Zealand

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Just thought I'd ask everyone's opinion on what the chances are that Futaba will bring mobile OS integration (Apple/Android, whatever flavour you like) into their products? I guess I'm thinking of gyros specifically but it wouldn't need to be limited to those alone, and in fact I think that radios like the 18MZ are crying out for an iPad app which could replicate all the menus you would find in each model/wing type and associated settings, detailed axplanations of features and maybe give the user the oprptunity to save setups and transfer to the radio itself.
It seems to me that almost everyone has a smartphone these days and they do present a useful and simple tool for programming in the field, given suitable apps and hardware. With electronics getting smaller it seems like an obvious choice to remove the control amp and go Bluetooth for all programming requiremts (as many manufacturers have already done).
I've been a Futaba user almost exclusively for many years and all their products work very well in my opinion, but mobile computing is surely the way forward - being a Mac/iOS user it is always a mixed blessing when an update for the CGY750 comes out - whose PC can I borrow this time.......
Thoughts anyone?

12-27-2016 09:49 PM  5 months agoPost 2

Key Veteran

Brooklyn, NY-USA

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Hmmmm.That's a thought. I don't put anything past Futaba. They are usually in the game when you think they're not. I also know that when they release something like that there has already been a considerable amount of beta testing in house and within there team community so it's pretty seamless when they do. We'll just have to wait and see.


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HelicopterRadio - Futaba FASST › Futaba and mobile OS integration
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