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HelicopterGaui NX4 NX7Gaui NX4 › Fianlly Finished my NX4 OS55HZ Conversion
10-17-2016 01:42 AM  15 months agoPost 1


Near Lake Tahoe

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My wife loves Nitro.. Doesn't care much for electric Heli's.. My only Electric Heli at the time was my Align 500DFC. Last spring she surprised me with a OS 37 Powered Gaui NX4. She wanted me to have a 500 size Nitro. Unfortunately I found the little 37 a bit under powered for my taste of flying..

So I set out to upgrade the power plant to a OS55HZ. Read everything I could find on the swap. Watched every video. Looked at all the various combinations of the upgrade. Running 2800 on the Head Speed and now loving this Helicopter. Flies for only 4 ½ mins too bad… I did not want to go as big as running 520’s or 550’s and X5 boom. That’s to close to a 600 size which I already have. I wanted a small powerful nitro heli.. NX4 is approx. 2 ½ lbs lighter then my 600n DFC with the same power..

Here is my finished IMO One Bad Ass NX4

OS55 HZ Choose that for no regulator clearance issues or moving the rudder servo
OS Power Boost Pipe

Cyclic Servos BK 500 HV Speed .03
Rudder Servo BK 5005 HV Speed .03
Upgraded Formulas Head
X5 Main Blade Grips (for 500 size and larger mains)
Upgraded Rudder dual pitch slider
475 Tail Boom kit
15 Tooth rudder gear to slow the tail down
19 tooth pinion gear (to get the 2800 head speed)
Upgraded Rudder pushrods front and boom
HD Boom Stays and fancy clamp
Zeal 500 Main
Zeal 80 Tails
Align 700N Tail Fin cut down to size to give ample tail blade clearance
FBL Controller SK540 w/2 Sats
Gaui Glow igniter
RC Boya Canopy mounts
Custom Canomod Zeal Canopy

I would say the hardest part of the whole conversion (outside wallet pain lol) is getting the engine alignment correct. Yes it's a pain in the @#$% Sure is allot of fun to fly now.. Has about the same feel HP to Weight ratio as flying my OS105 700n DFC

10-17-2016 02:51 AM  15 months agoPost 2
don s

rrElite Veteran

Chesapeake, VA

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My wife loves Nitro..
Last spring she surprised me with
I think I just had a stroke...

E820, Raptor G4N, X50F/E, E620, Forza 450, and some planks.

12-05-2016 06:40 AM  13 months agoPost 3



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not 3 D just falling with style

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HelicopterGaui NX4 NX7Gaui NX4 › Fianlly Finished my NX4 OS55HZ Conversion
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