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10-15-2016 07:31 AM  8 months agoPost 1
Frode K



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Hello, I have a big vario Lama (jakadowsky pro)that i want to run Naza-H in,sendt e-mail to Dji and they respond naza-h is not for turbine helikopter, i wounder why and is it somebody out there running Naza-h in turbine heli, cant find any topic on this subjekt online. Best regards Frode Kristiansen, Norway

10-17-2016 08:13 AM  8 months agoPost 2

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Devon UK

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Naza H in Turbine helicopter

FRODE,The Vario Jakadofsky Lama, does not need a Stabilisation unit to fly,
with 2 blades or 3 blades, they fly well
There are some pilots flying with stab units in turbine Lama's but I think they are Beast x, or something like that
Naza H and turbines do not mix, something to do with electrical interferance
Message Gonzalom, I believe he uses a stab unit
Dont worry to much about stabilisation set it up to fly well
Good luck
Peter R

10-17-2016 06:53 PM  8 months agoPost 3

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San Dimas, CA. USA

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As stated Naza H won't work due to sonic interference. Only DJI unit that works is the Wookong.
Last time I heard Gonzalo was running a Vbar Silverline. I run the Bavarian Demon BD3sx units with my turbines which includes the Starwood Lama with the Jakadofsky once it gets its first flight.

Build, fly, sell, repeat

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HelicopterTurbine Helicopters › Naza-H in turbine helicopter
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