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You are right in saying it's mainly down to head speed but you just can't get a small enough pinion to bring it down and a new lower kv motor is costly. The other reason dropping the voltage is better is you can carry more capacity for the same weight pack. It's win win if longer flights is what your after.
Can certainly vouch for that,works great!! Have a Gob700, over three yrs
now, and with the exception of the occasional 10s or 8s flight, it flys w.
single 6s packs so very sweet....and everything comes down happy; pack,
motor,esc, never an issue, and amps......what amps?? Over-amping is just
not an issue at all. You are dropping voltage, which drops H/S, which drops said, win-win!

And no, NOT a hover queen...far far from it. Most all 'sport' aeros that you can think of, (and maybe some light 3d in the right hands) for at least
10-12 min. each and every flight.

12-04-2016 01:41 AM


Leeds, England

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The manufacturers could have won over more nitro guys with this approach instead of raising voltage and head speed which gets you 4 minutes if your lucky! Not only do you get longer flights but ESC's, batteries and charging equipment can be much cheaper also!

60% of the time, it works every time!

12-05-2016 10:57 AM
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Scorpion Power Hitec RCD
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