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Mexico city

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Some one please let me know how much is the weight of halo 688mm blades.
I would like to buy a set but first I need to know the weight as well as the chord.
I have already taken a look at the manufacturer web site but that info is not found there.

Happy autos!!

10-07-2016 03:53 AM

Key Veteran

Dublin, OH

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found this on the ExperienceRC website:

HALO Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blades 688mm HALO688

Product Description

Halo Blades represent the pinnacle of high-performance RC Helicopter blades. Offering unparalleled collective authority, Halo Blades add seemingly effortless power to your machine. Being the first set of blades truly designed to take advantage of flybarless stabilization systems, Halo Blades are the future of RC blade engineering. In sizes ranging from 360-715mm, Halo Blades offer something for every RC helicopter pilot.

Suitable for all 700 size models (ex. SAB Goblin 700, Mikado Logo 700, Align T-Rex 700 series, etc.)

Weight: ~ 187g
Length: 688mm
Thickness: 8.5mm
Width:61.7 mm
Root Thickness: 12mm
Bolt Hole: 5mm
4x 1mm shims
4x 2mm shims

10-07-2016 04:17 AM
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HelicopterMain Discussion › Halo 688 weight
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