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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
HelicopterMain Discussion › Do flybarless rotor heads require different​servos?
10-10-2016 06:08 AM  13 months agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

Sebring, FL

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The guys that had them fail on the Avants were 3D pilots. The plastic gears on the 9252 were apparently unable to deal with the flight loads imposed by aggressive 3D

10-10-2016 06:58 AM  13 months agoPost 22

rrElite Veteran

Tucson , AZ

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Here 3x futabas 9250 little less torque an a little more speed than 9252 but pretty similar working flawlessly in a trex 700 n fbl 3g head set up for fai f3c. Really good servos, very precise, perfect centering.
For a 700,those are underrated both in torque and speed. 92 oz of torque? .014? Those may have been fine some years back, but they are outdated.

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10-10-2016 02:04 PM  13 months agoPost 23



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Yes for a 700.

Your figures of speed are wrong for 9250's my friend.

S9250`s do 76 oz x in and 0.11 sec in 60º to 4.8 v

Powered at 5.8 v regulated (they handle that volts w/o issues) they deliver approx 90 oz x in and 0.09 sec. ( with metal gears)

Much more than enough for 80% of users ( maybe you´re part of the other 20% cluster) and really perfect servos for FAI F3C, do you know this discipline?

And by far much more quality than actual garbage servo brands offering 1000 oz and 0.000001 s with poor quality and poor reliability.

Theres much more live appart from torque and speed when talking about servos, like precission, centering, repeatibility, reliability, current drain...

Also over and under are very personal concepts, maybe you need really powerfull servos to handle your smack piloting.


Respect and fly safe

10-10-2016 02:16 PM  13 months agoPost 24

rrElite Veteran

Ottawa, Ontario

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I have noticed most of the HV servo's are heavier same for the other newer servos.

I would want low power consumption, precision and durability
in light weight package.
around 53-56 grams for full size and around 26-28 grams for med size

spending time, paying attention

10-18-2016 01:29 PM  13 months agoPost 25


Saco, ME

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Depends on your flying style. I used transplanted servos successfully, but can feel a paramount difference with a modern set of $500 set of servos. This is especially true with high powered electrics.
I replaced the stock Align servos in my Trex700e with MKS high voltage servos and I have to say I am very happy with the results. Not that it flew bad with the stock servos, but the comparison has to be felt to be believed. When going from low voltage to high, you gain about a 25% increase in torque and speed.

Spektrum has a new servo that I am going to put on my 700 nitro. It's the H6205 cyclic and H6210 tail at $104.00 ea. These are high voltage, very fast at .05sec and good torque at 238 oz-in, The price is a savings of about $50 each over other comparable servos. You also get Horizon serviceability when you need it. Unlike other servos which you can buy, but you cannot get fixed.

"Sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground." J. Taylor

10-18-2016 01:37 PM  13 months agoPost 26

rrElite Veteran

Chicagoland area

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I used early $$$ high power servos on my 700 class helis, and they were battery hogs, 800-1100 mah per flight. Upgrading to high end MKS and Xpert R2 servos has maintained the torque, increased speed significantly, and dropped battery consumption down to 200 mah per flight.

Modern servos in the past 18 months have advanced tremendously.

Money well spent. I decided to improve the suitable models I already owned and enjoyed with money I could throw at a new model needlessly. Guess what, the servos made my machines fly better than I would have ever believed if I didn't experience it myself.

If I bought a new machine I would either still buy low end servos to get it flying reasonably, thus missing out on that carrot on the stick anyways.

Age and wisdom is teaching me a few things.

Enjoy things that money can buy IF you don't lose the things money can't buy.

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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
HelicopterMain Discussion › Do flybarless rotor heads require different​servos?
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