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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsFutaba CGY › CGY750 Governor with YGE160 setup help
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Perth, Australia

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Hi, just seeing if anyone has tried setting up there YGE160 (or other YGE) with the CGY750 governor using a magnet on the main gear and supplied futaba pickup.

Just having a couple problems getting my F3C machines to be smooth at lower HS or 1450HS to be precise.

My setup has 2 magnets on main gear, CGY750 V2 3D mode, governor ratio at 2, response 1:1 magnet, gain 60% as default.

Heli has quite violent head wobbles as 1450HS yet starts to smooth out around 1550-1600HS. Even when I raise the HS to smooth it out. While hovering, if I piro the heli and the wind hits it at a certain direction it can trigger the wobble again although not as violent as the lower HS. First thought it was a head damper issue but since tried a Vbar on it a few days ago and heli is smooth throughout a range of HS's so it does not seem to be a mech setup issue.

I have played with head gains but does not make any significant differences. Of note I have this problem when the heli was still flybarred and always put the issue again down to head setup. I did get past the problem by shortening the flybar alot but the only common factor from then and now was the governor from the GY701 gov to CGY750 gov. Higher headspeeds (1950HS) are not an issue although I do have a little gov chatter sometimes under heavy load that I need to dial out with the gov gain.

Yesterday I started playing with governor gains and other settings and when I reduced the governor gain the heli has hovers smooth at 1450HS but the wobble is now higher at 1550HS where is was smooth before. So basically reversed.

Guess I asking if anyone has used a similar setup and what sort of gain ranges should I be looking at. Thinking of trying Rev.limit mode as well.

My YGE has governor set to 'off' and in 'freewheel mode'. Should I set the YGE for external governor like I would for Vbar? I am assuming this should have no effect as this just enables the RPM signal out from the YGE and does not affect how it treats the throttle signal back in from the CGY750.



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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsFutaba CGY › CGY750 Governor with YGE160 setup help
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