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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › One bomb in NJ and one in NYC
09-19-2016 09:02 PM  16 months agoPost 21

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but i would have prefered the bullet had hit him between the eyes.
I would have preferred it hit him in the dick and come out his a$$hole...

showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...

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you would want to understand what he and his fellow nuts jobs are up to. you can use him as a bargaining tool - or rather use him as a tool that he is . .

also there are more worse things that can befall him than death you know. he ain't going to convert anybody and they can make sure of that. . .

you all maybe very angry - and I would be too - but what we need to ask ourselves is why was he let in in the first place, and why the MSM don't want to call this out for what it really is: we don't need Islam in this world of ours. If they don't like us so much they should have the decency to f@£@£ off already. It's the apologists and the liberal retards that have gotten us in this mess. It's the idiots who push the agenda of multiculturalism who seem to have this crazy, utterly uninformed notion (from God knows where, along with White guilt and appeasement) that all cultures are the same.

Having thought about this problem through for quite some time it appears to me that Islam is rather stealthy in it's savagery and the way it manifests itself in our society. Fundamentally their religion is flawed but they don't want to admit that. It can't be reformed because it hinges on their divine claim that their POS book is the unalterable word of God - reformation would imply falsification.

So the upshot of this is that we have people like this in our society with varying degrees of devoutness to their holy text which overrides any common humanity and decency when interpreted in the way it should. But as you know humans are apt to bend interpretation and put in artistic license etc. . .

And having spoken to some of these religious individuals I can say they make mental summersaults over contentious issues of their faith and defend it in ways that are totally illogical and retarded and it gets to the point of tediousness just to talk to them. But fundamentally the problem is there: a outright sense of righteousness and supremacy, self hate in the most subtle degree, no real regard for human decency since their belief is that their faith is morally superior to anything other point on offer let alone entertained, and more worryingly they seem to celebrate and mock people's misfortunes or death who do not share their faith . . I could go on but you all can get the message here.

I remember vividly in 2001 I was incensed that we had Muslim protesters calling for our Prime Minister's death at some rally and we allowed it. I complained to the people in the office and got shouted down that it was all due to their Freedom of Speech. Something snapped in me. I should of told that person to f@$£@ off there and then, because such protesters would NEVER be able to do what they do in their own country of Saudi Arabia or any other oppressive Muslim country. Now I'm proved right with this Hate Speech Law but I was disgusted that in 2001 of all places we still had members of the population of who had retarded liberal views with no regard to any form of human decency. (And before anyone says anything I did NOT support Blair's campaign to go into Iraq, I knew he was being a monster).

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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › One bomb in NJ and one in NYC
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