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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon News  Firmware 2.0.025, Windows Software 2.0.025, Android app 2.0.025 and JETI integration

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As usual Software and Firmware update will be automatic and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC with internet connection active. The same for the Android app from Play Store.

Release Notes:
- 2.0.025 (Firmware 2.0.025)
- Jeti EX Bus receiver protocol added with specific channel assignation
- Jeti Connection schematics added
- Jeti transmitter integration with Brain parameters configuration menu (only Brain2)
- Added swashplate HR3_135
- On the top bar added 4 icons for the fast selection between Basic, Advanced, Counters, Diagnostic
- Added Tail gear ratio in Governor (basic & advanced)
- In the vibrations panel added vertical bars for Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, Engine actual RPM
- In the vibrations panel added actual values of Main Rotor and Engine
- Changed event "Power Voltage below 12,5% than startup" to "Power Voltage below 16,6% than startup"
- Now real time vibrations work also on Atom PC and slow PC
- Now when a log is loaded from the unit also the vibrations are downloaded and vice versa
- Corrected for iKon the connection schematic for SUM/SRXL/UDI/Xbus-b
- In the page 1 of the wizard added also the kind of unit connected information
- When Rescue is active, Rescue Gain is fixed and no more editable
- In the Transmitter monitor (basic & advanced) the label "Gain" was changed to "Tail Gain"
- When one of the logs is downloaded from the unit, remain in memory until the end of the session. Changing logs is no more needed to download again the precedent log
- Now AUX channel for Auto Level/Rescue is again usable with standard receiver
- Events downloadable also without sample rate selected (pay attention to download only after the initialization end)
- In the Firmware update windows added on top bar the actual Firmware version of the unit
- In Advanced -> Servos if you select for Type "None" the check is removed from "Reverse"
- “Rescue pitch max” and “Rescue pitch duration” are enabled only if "Use Rescue" is checked
- "Auto Level gain" is enabled only if "Use Auto Level" is checked
- In panel 6 "Swashplate type selection" of the Wizard if "CW ROTOR ROTATION" is selected, the Tail Asymmetry is set to +5, if "CCW ROTOR ROTATION" is selected the Asymmetry is set at -5.
- Maximum gear ratio allowed values for Main and Tail is now 32.500
- In Advanced -> Common re-added the "Orientation" menu but now with only one drop down menu with the 16 allowed positions
- Now when the application start, the windows is at full screen
- New French translations
- Some instructions corrected / completed
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code

For Jeti integration, from “"; download the BRAIN.ZIP file and unzip it, it contains an explanation README file and a BRAIN.bin file to load in to the Jeti transmitter.


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09-08-2016 05:25 PM
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Scorpion Power Hitec RCD
HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon News  Firmware 2.0.025, Windows Software 2.0.025, Android app 2.0.025 and JETI integration
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