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HelicopterMain Discussion › Using TM1000 with Gpro and satellites
09-07-2016 01:32 PM  16 months agoPost 1


Melbourne - Australia

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Is there a way to bind Spektrum TM1000 with Gpro connected with satellites only (no receiver) ?

TM1000 manual shows it can only be done when using standard receiver.

09-07-2016 07:28 PM  16 months agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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The TM1000 is a transmitter, not a receiver.
The TM1000 downlinks (transmits) to your DX8, DX9 DX18 using is own internal DSMX transmitter.

The TM1000 is powered from the black (GND) & red (+v) connected to the "Data" port on the end.

The TM1000 was designed to be connected to a typical Spektrum AR series receiver using the TM1000 "Data" port.
The "Data" port provides the power (from the AR receiver) for the TM1000 to operate and the AR receiver sends details related to the quality of the the AR's uplink from Transmitter (frame loss, uplink problems, fades - etc)

The TM1000 can be used as a stand-alone device that downlinks to your DX8, DX9 or DX18 transmitter to provide it's standard monitors. These include "RX Voltage' (voltage sensed on the "Data" port), external Voltage (like a receiver's flight pack or the LiPo on the ESC), external temprature (like the motor can, the LiPo temp or the head temp on a nitro) and RPM (from a magnetic sensor or the output from an ESC).

It can also support external devices through its "X-Bus". These include GPS and airspeed sensors

The key is that the TM1000 downlinks to the transmitter so the transmitter display the details from the TM1000's sensors.
You can also program alerts and warnings on the transmitter to alert you.

I use the TM1000 on my Trex 600E, 600N and 700N
I have +8v / GND connected to the "Data" port for power.
It cannot sense the uplink from my DX9 to the Brain's receiver, but it monitors several other parameters.

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09-08-2016 12:01 AM  16 months agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Ottawa, Ontario

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one the nice things about spektrum is that you can bind multiple rx's to the same model.
the only limit is the amount channels you have.

so in this case you can use a seperate standalone rx to get the frame losses

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HelicopterMain Discussion › Using TM1000 with Gpro and satellites
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