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Proctor, Arkansas

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I have a Blueline Vbar and would like to use a MultiGov. My radio is a DX18. Need help on setup.

I did have in hooked up but could not get my 3 speeds to work in the correct direction.


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09-06-2016 12:13 AM
Kyle Owen

Senior Heliman

Newberry, Florida

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Elaborate on what you mean by getting the 3 speeds to work in the correct direction? I know the multigov ask for specific throttle curves for each flight mode. I ran a blue line with spektrum sats with a dx7 a few years back.

When I set mine up, I set the throttle signal to an open port on the vbar outputs, and after that I set the correct throttle curves in my Tx Normal mode is a linear 0-100%; idle 1 is a V 100-60-100; Idle 2 100-80-100 , of course you have to enable the flight mode switch on your transmitter.

Then I went thru the multigov setup as far as setting throttle end points step by step and it worked. I'm assuming you have the LCD programmer and the multigov pro instructions?

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09-15-2016 02:18 AM
Andy from Sandy

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Bedfordshire, UK

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The multigov's head speeds are set in the unit using the programming board. Any value below 500, I think, is considered governor off.

Which ever channel you use to select the head speed you would have your transmitter send +100 for 1, 0 for the second and -100 for the third. On some radios it might be 100, 50, 0 on a 3 position switch up, middle, down.

In the tx calibration screen of the software you should be able to test that it is working. Plus with the controller hooked up to the multigov you should see which head speed is being selected.

Setting v curves and any curves on the throttle channel has no bearing on the head speed selection channel only that until the throttle channel is over 25% and the headspeed has reached a certain value of the governor setting it won't engage.

11-13-2016 08:11 PM
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HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsV-Bar › Vbar/MultiGov
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