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Your buddies N7 was probably running way too rich with no header tank.
Correct, it was rich and does not have a header tank.
Also, I'm not trying to make this an E vs N topic. I know there's lots of them, I love nitro myself. I was just trying to say where he could get longer flight times.
Also just hovering a 690 at 1800 rpm wouldn't get you 10 minutes with 35% left!
Don't automatically write off 3d either. Said I wasn't interested in 3d when I was just getting started.
Doing sport flying (loops, flips, rolls, inverted, etc) on 1800 I can get 9-10min. But then again if the nitro is tuned right I know you can get around the same time.
Anyway, sorry for changing the topic. Based on which kit I can say I know many friends that have Trex and Synergy nitros and love them. I hope this helps.

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HelicopterBeginners Corner › which nitro
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