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08-19-2016 04:52 PM  10 months agoPost 1


Tuskegee, Alabama

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Does the Fury 55 and the 60/90 share the same tailboom? Or really is it 31.5 or the 33 inch?

08-20-2016 01:38 AM  10 months agoPost 2

Key Veteran

Meridian, Mississippi

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Well I dono. Final answer.

But - 31.5" used to be the standard 60 class X-Cell boom. When 60s got stretched to .90s the standard tail boom become 33". This was required to accommodate 700+ mm main blades and 105+ mm tail blades. All my 90 class X-Cells have 33" booms.

It wouldn't supersize me at all if X-Cell used the shorter 31.5" boom on 50 class heli. After all, latest generation 50 class helis often have 55 or 60 engines in them and they have more in common with the older 60 class heli than the older 50 class heli. (50 heli engines used to be 46s.) I would be quite suprised to see a 33" boom on an X-Cell 50.

Again, someone will give you a better answer.

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08-20-2016 02:00 AM  10 months agoPost 3

Senior Heliman

Columbus, Mississippi

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They're all different booms. You could likely cut down a Whiplash boom to fit a Fury55, though. Left-to-Right:

Fury55 - Fury 33" - Whiplash

The 33" Fury/Stratus boom is a smaller diameter than the Whip/55 boom too.

J. B. Jones

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HelicopterMain Discussion › Dumb question
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