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HelicopterMain Discussion › XK INNOVATIONS K120- Tail Motor not working/no power
08-17-2016 03:36 PM  9 months agoPost 1

New Heliman


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I purchased an XK K120 Helicopter from a few months back.

A few days ago I crashed it and had to replace the Gear, everything else seemed fine. (6G Mode)

I flew it today (6G Mode) and initially it was Flying fine however it suddenly started spinning out of control, I managed to land it safely.
After a quick inspection I realized that the Tail Motor was not working/spinning/no power.

After further inspection I decided to unplug the Tail Motor from the Board/PCB and plug it in to a Laptop USB port using a cable I have, just for a second to see if the Tail Motor is working/powers. I plugged the USB in and the Tail Motor worked/powered up.

The Tail Motor powers via USB but it doesn't power up when connected to the Board/PCB.
Main Motor and all other controls are working fine.

Do you know what the problem could be? Do you think the Board or port isn't working/is damaged. Does the Transmitter need re-configuring.....?

Photo attached/Clip Board. Can provide video.


08-17-2016 07:32 PM  9 months agoPost 2


Murray, UT USA

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Hi Bobs123 - I've never flown an XK Innovation machine (heck I haven't even heard of them) but they look similar in design to some of the Blade products I flew when I first started with helis.

I don't think the tail motor will spin on initial spool up because at that point it doesn't need to compensate for anything. It should spool just when the skids get light or at take off at least. Make sure the cable is plugged in correctly and then You could try rebinding the helicopter to the transmitter. Looks like that's on page 6 of the manual.

But failing that and from your description, I suspect the board is the culprit.

There is a thread for these at Helifreak ( that might be a place to start.

Good luck.

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HelicopterMain Discussion › XK INNOVATIONS K120- Tail Motor not working/no power
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