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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › A Summary of the Clinton Crime Clan's Body Count for the Past Six Weeks
08-13-2016 02:52 AM  17 months agoPost 1


texas - USA

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Five bodies in six weeks.

1. John Ashe (6/22/16)

The first in this most recent string of Clinton associate deaths was that of John Ashe, the former president of the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 and 2014.

Ashe died Wednesday, June 22nd while awaiting trial in a bribery scandal that was closely tied to the Clinton Foundation.

OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: Traumatic asphyxia and suffered laryngeal fractures while lifting.

TRANSLATION: His windpipe was crushed by a barbell.

2. Seth Rich (7/10/16)

Seth Conrad Rich’s unsolved murder on a Washington D.C. street has sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories because he was a staffer and self-described data analyst for the Democratic National Committee. Rich, 27, who worked for the DNC on voting issues, was shot and killed in Washington D.C., and his murder remains mysterious. “Police have found little information to explain his death,” said The New York Daily News.

Perhaps the reason for the “conspiracy theories” has something to do with the fact that Rich allegedly had access to the voter database and would have known about specific instances of voter fraud. Furthermore, in addition to being shot multiple times, including the back, nothing was taken from his person. His assailants didn’t take his phone, his watch, or his jewelry, and in addition to being shot multiple times, he was badly beaten.

It’s also worth noting that Julian Assange has hinted that his source might have been someone inside the DNC, and Seth certainly had access.

OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: Shot and beaten to death.

3. Joe Montano (7/25/16)

Aid to Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine

OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart attack at age 47 on the day the DNC began, and immediately after the Wikileaks announcement was made.

TRANSLATION: Why is this not being investigated?

4. Victor Thorn (8/1/16)

Famously wrote books about Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults

Also wrote books about the Clinton’s increasing trail of dead bodies

OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: Alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound (On his birthday)

5. Shawn Lucas (8/2/16)

Most famous for being the one to serve the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a nationwide class action lawsuit for defrauding Bernie Sanders and all his voters. Lucas famously said, “You’ve been served.”

OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: Details nor released but there are conflicting reports he died in his sleep or he died on the bathroom floor.

TRANSLATION: Don’t even think about suing us.

Man, those Democrat bodies are piling up.

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08-15-2016 03:07 PM  17 months agoPost 2


Audubon, Minnesota

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More to come as things are exposed. Could get very bad if witness are ever called for an investigation. Sure glad I don't have anything to do with them.

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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › A Summary of the Clinton Crime Clan's Body Count for the Past Six Weeks
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