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08-12-2016 07:09 AM  17 months agoPost 1


texas - USA

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Thinking about the electoral college got me to thinking about the popular vote and margins of victory.

GWB lost the popular vote in 2000 by about 500,000 votes while barely winning the electoral college. His popular vote was about 48%.

I think he had the worse % popular vote in modern history.

Right now, Hillary appears to have a huge lead in electoral votes.

And unless WikiLeaks has the total goods on Hillary, I suspect she will hold that lead. She has survived scandals that would have sent other people to prison.

Even if WikiLeaks damages Hillary, she most likely will hold the lead.

Right now NBC is showing Hillary and Trump in a dead heat when the oversampling of Democrats are accounted for.

The 3rd party candidates are hurting Hillary more than Trump, but Hillary could still win the electoral college with only 40% of the popular vote.

If this holds up, she will win with the worse popular vote in modern history.

Obama's policies have failed and Hillary plans to continue those failed policies.

Our State Department, CIA, and NSA are pushing us closer to WWIII. Hillary will continue pushing the US into the regimes of foreign countries until something breaks.

The illegals have strained our social and legal systems to the limit. Hillary will continue to make things worse.

Increasing muslims into the US only increases our danger. Again Hillary has no concerns about the US.

The Black Caucus told Obama his polices were so bad, they would have already marched on DC if he weren't black. Hillary is not black.

If she wins, she will have low support from the general public and her policies will drive the US into the ditch. She certainly will expand wars around the globe.

It doesn't look good for the USA.

90% of life is "showing up"

08-13-2016 01:21 AM  17 months agoPost 2


You guesss

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Wow dude, I actually completely agree with everything you just said. It is unfortunate, I will say that. I don't like where this country is headed. But I see no people who will make it better. Washington is overloaded and bloated. It makes me wonder about the whole "too big to fail". The country is in a mess and the only thing those people care about is money. It's like being on a ship loaded with gold, that sinking, and you won't let go of the gold to help repair it.

I truly wish this weren't so. But Hillary will not be good for things, she is an untrustworthy person. In the end, it will be the American public that suffers, not them. They have escape pods.

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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › Tough times ahead
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