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It's OPERATION MAYHEM, boys. Make no REAL efforts to curb gun violence, and then curtail rights of the innocent citizens when the unchecked leads to the inevitable.

It's like terrorism/borders. Allow it into our country and then clamp down on citizens' rights when the inevitable happens.

Government has lost its way. It is supposed to support OUR rights and the CONSTITUTION. Instead it continually goes out of its way to ensure that events that "necessitate restrictions to freedom" occur. Ever notice how their predetermined agenda is always the solution to our ills? Even when their solution would do nothing to directly confront the problem?

Need help? What was the push after Sandy Hook? Background checks. Or how about Orlando? Background checks. Hello?! Not a solution! Would not have prevented either! They have their predetermined plan and don't want a crisis to go to waste. Disgusting.

Problem - Reaction - Solution

Except they create all three. Put violent gun felons back on the street. Then push gun control on the innocent when the inevitable happens.

Why are we falling for this?!

Wake the hell up.

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HelicopterOff Topics News & Politics › Problem - Reaction - Solution
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