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HelicopterOff Topics › Drones recording the fireworks show - not sure how I feel about it

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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At last night's annual 4th of July fireworks show, I noticed several drones at different points around the park.

It was pitch dark (the show started at 9:45pm).
I picked them out based their marker LED - they had the typical red / green LED and two had an additional flashing white LED

The drones seemed to be outside the parameter of main crowd - I would estimate a few hundred yards away from the "show central".

One looked like it was being flown "in real time" because it could not hold one position or altitude.

But, the others were obviously in a "position / altitude hold mode" at about 400' or so.
And, I would assume they had the return to home setup.

Obviously, they were recording the show.
But, I was kind of surprised they could stick around for the whole 25 minute show,

They were not intrusive and I doubt they were hovering over any spectators.

But, it was kind of spooky.

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07-05-2016 06:34 PM

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As long as it was done safely I don't see the problem shooting fireworks from Aerial is awesome. XGM/VGM

John Crotts

07-05-2016 06:50 PM


Des Moines, Iowa

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Likewise, I saw several at the different fireworks displays I attended over the holiday weekend. I'm not a great drone fan, but in each case they were being flown away from the crowd in a responsible manner so I can't criticize them.

No so last year when I saw them being flown directly over crowds. If I could have found the operators, I would have given them a not so friendly ass chewing for their irresponsible actions.

07-05-2016 08:17 PM
Dan Minick

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Columbus, WI

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Horizon had about 10 of them up during the fireworks last year at IRCHA. They were flying directly in the show most of the time. But they have got money to lose

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07-06-2016 12:09 AM


North Denver, Colorado

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I would be totally cool with multi rotors if they didn't bring down a $hit storm upon the whole hobby. To the observer I used to fly a RC helicopter, now it's a dumb a$$ drone to them, son of a....

07-06-2016 12:26 PM

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Yes, saw one of them in Massachusetts. Just green marker lights but flying in a manner that was not a full size. Maybe 400ft up maybe higher, thats a hard call to make. What bothered me was that when the drone was ready to return to home it flew straight as an arrow at altitude until it was out of my sight. (and I had a good chunk of sky to follow it.) Leads me to surmise that it was being flown by the camera and not line of sight. That bothers me because..... you cannot control a system failure at any time. Who knows if it might have crashed into a car or person or house on the ground below it. Its simply irresponsible in my eyes.

07-18-2016 07:00 PM
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HelicopterOff Topics › Drones recording the fireworks show - not sure how I feel about it
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