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NA Sold  Goblin 770 airframe only for parts or rebuild

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Selling for a flying buddy who had a bad day at the field. I told him I'd look over the model and try to sell it for him. It's not totaled. But, it needs a lot of work.


Here's a list of missing items and retail prices--that is, stuff he removed tearing down. I guess they got tossed. By the time I got the airframe they're just gone:

SAB High Performance Main Belt - Goblin 770 HC325-S $38.00
SAB Aluminum Motor Mount With Third Bearing Support - Goblin 630/700/770 H0142-S $36.00
SAB Aluminum Blade Grip Arm Set - HPS 700/Goblin 770 H0136-S $15.00
SAB Aluminum Bellcrank - Goblin 630/700/770 H0059-S $15.00
SAB Titanium Main Linkage - Goblin Urukay/630/700/770/Competition/Speed H0417-S $18.00
Also missing are a handful (5-7) frame screws and decorative washers.

Here's the list of damaged items. Probably flyable, but I would replace them myself:

SAB Carbon Fiber Main Frame - Goblin 770 (1pc) H0145-S $52.00
SAB Low Profile Carbon Fiber landing gear - Goblin 630/700/770 - Yellow (1pc) H0106-S $16.00
SAB Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin - Goblin 630/700/770 H0046-S $17.00
Carbon Fiber Tail Boom SAB Yellow/Carbon - Goblin 770 Competition H9046-S $104.00
SAB Carbon Fiber Battery Tray - Goblin 630/700 H0002-S $13.00
SAB Aluminum Main Blade Grip - Goblin 700/770 (1pc) H0034-S $38.00

Also, there are no battery trays included. I need to call him and see where they are. I'd assume he has at least one since the kit came with two. But, I just don't know at the moment.

if it ain't broke, break it.

07-03-2016 03:20 PM
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Classifieds - Elec-Helicopters
NA Sold  Goblin 770 airframe only for parts or rebuild
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