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HelicopterMain Discussion › Servos running hot and tail burnt out

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The BeastX and ar7200bx already have a heavy metal base so no need for additional weight for vibration damping.
good point, my other ar7300bx base is very heavy and going to replace the 7200 on my nitro one day (when it's up to programming, ug).

Anyway, those are the breaks, in fact on my 450 I have no mounting tape but only the remnants of the original tape and a velcro strap pulled real tight, but this isn't about me it's about everyone. In fact you could hard mount the gyro without tape and dial the gains down while tuning 3d burst performance in the gyros parameter menu. I believe there's high frequency vibe filtering in most new age gyros as factory issued besides.

Hey, I throw stuff out there because it's interesting to see other people go through similar experiences and then offer choices and possibly solutions. I'm not here to get in your face, to somehow wrest fame and potential fortune by becoming a forum god, not to be a crackpot which I played a little back in the beginning, nothing. Only offering my opinion out of experience, if I could hover and fly moderately a 300 without a gyro what should that tell you (gyro makes it a lot easier, the factory issue has a control oversight not conducive to precise control imo, you'll experience it when the heli is on the ground spooling down and tips over)

06-30-2016 12:06 PM
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HelicopterMain Discussion › Servos running hot and tail burnt out
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