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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon › Software/Firmware 2.0.000/2.0.000
06-06-2016 08:19 PM  17 months agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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Brain / iKON Software released:

Release Notes:
- 2.0.000 (Firmware 2.0.000)
- In some case, when Spektrum satellites are binded by software, setup is defaulted: Fixed
- Added in the “Connections” panel of the Wizard, also schematics for uBrain2 miniBrain2 Brain2, Brain2BT, Brain2HD, Brain2HDBT
- Added in “Demo Mode” the uBrain2 miniBrain2 Brain2, Brain2BT, Brain2HD, Brain2HDBT in the unit selection
- Auto level algorithm completely revised and now is self-configured and auto correct itself
- Removed “Set Level” button from “Unit Orientation” panel of the wizard (now is automatic)
- Removed “Aileron angle for hovering” and “Elevator angle for hovering” cursors (now are automatic)
- Removed “Auto Level” checkboxes from “Flying Style Setup” panel of the Wizard
- Added in the Wizard the new panel “Rescue Mode Setup”
- Added the ability to activate the Auto Level with positive pitch increment (Auto Level or Full Rescue)
- Added the ability to activate the Auto Level with or without positive pitch increment also with another unused radio channel
- Added “Use Rescue” checkbox and “Pitch Rescue increment” and “Time Rescue increment” cursors in Advanced -> Setup n° -> Gov. & Level view
- Added the new panel “Rescue” in Advanced -> Common for dedicated radio channel
- Added “Reversed Pitch” checkbox for model in which the maximum pitch is obtained when the swashplate is all down
- Added a bec test during swashplate and tail movements at end of init. If voltage drop more than 12% an event is recorded (only for unit 2)
- Added the ability to write and edit the instructions in any other language other than those already provided and share the language file with other users
- Removed the “Reset Flight counters” from File menu
- Removed the “Main Counters” from Advanced menu
- Added a new Timer menu with the Main Counters and 4 new timers for components maintenances each with a “partial reset” button
- Added Logs Setup views (only for “2” units)
- Added Real time logs view (only for “2” units)
- Added Recorded Logs view (only for “2” units)
- Added Vibration real time view (and recorded only for “2” units)
- Added Events view (only for “2” units)
- Now Setup are in the same page so it is easier to compare
- When you enter a numeric value the box background become yellow until you finish and push “Tab” key
- In panel 2 “Servo Setup” of the wizard, added a Servo chart list (updated with every new release)
- Corrections and fixes to some instructions
- Small bug fixes and optimization of code

Setting changes to do from previous version:
- If you have reversed the pitch in the transmitter, correct it and use "Revesed Pitch" checkbox in panel 6 "Swashplate Type selection" of the wizard, when using reversed swashplate pitch (swashplate down positive pitch)
- Ensure that in the panel 9 "Unit Orientation" of the wizard, the corresponding icon to the actual unit position is active.

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06-07-2016 01:03 AM  17 months agoPost 2



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This is going to be fun, the ultimate update. All we need now is the Jeti integration.

06-07-2016 06:11 AM  17 months agoPost 3



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can't wait to try it out

06-13-2016 08:19 PM  17 months agoPost 4


modesto cal u.s.

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brain autolevel and bailout

cant wait to try this new to brain but love what I have seen. Thank you msh.

electrons , auto when you want to not have to, love the clean up. Heliproz team pilot

06-15-2016 08:09 PM  17 months agoPost 5


Dover NH

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For those who haven't tried it, this is a fantastic update. I needed to change from the clear 3m tape I had on my nitros to a Futaba tape to lock in the rescue, but on my electrics it worked as is.

Rescue is like magic, every bit as good as my Spirit, Vbar Neo, and BD. Hit the switch and it instantly flips upright and climbs. Beautifully, every time. Pretty much dead vertical, just like the best in the business. I also really like how they have changed it so you don't have to dedicate a bank to the level function. Set a free channel to activate the rescue and it works in any bank.

I can't say enough about how impressed I am. It's taken an existing system and made it great with a free update.

Nick Crego

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Scorpion Power Scorpion Power
HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon › Software/Firmware 2.0.000/2.0.000
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